Sunday, October 31, 2010

OT: I'm so proud!

I don't talk too much about my real life - life outside the dogs - on this blog - I tend to make a separation between my family and my internet life - but I thought I'd make an exeption because my brother is doing something special down in the western end of Nova Scotia - and I am super proud of what he's doing.

His name is Bob Sinden and he's been involved with the Liberal Party for many years - and he is currently running for Town Council in the town of Shelburne - he is passionate about the area that he lives in - and he really wants to help bring economic development and tourism opportunities to Shelburne and area - and I may be a bit prejudiced - but I am very sure that he would do a super fantabulous job!

He has a website at - that explains a little bit about his platform - and I really hope that if you're a voter in the area - that you'll consider voting for him! I know if I lived down there, I'd vote for him - at least twice! Go Bobby go! yay!

Update November 14th, 2010 - the election was held this past weekend - and my brother won! So congratulations to my brother and I'm sure he's going to do a bang up job as a council member on Shelburne's town council!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New - Informative Local Website Started

There's a neat, new, local website that you'll need to bookmark - it's called "Show of Hands" - and it compiles the recorded votes of HRM’s elected officials on the major issues Halifax faces.

It is going to be a super resource for those of us interested in what the HRM Regional Councillors are doing, and how they are voting at Council.

I personally was severely ticked off in 2008 when Bylaw A300 was voted on the final time - and it was not a recorded vote - and we will never know who voted which way to pass that horribly abysmal Animal Control bylaw into the version that we are forced to live under today - we have no one to blame, which is very sad. We can't go to our own Councillor and say - "you voted (or didn't vote) for this - DO SOMETHING".

But now we have this wonderful resource at "Show of Hands" - someone is doing the work for us - that really should be done by Council themselves - but luckily we have a local keener - who will keeping track.

And I bet there's some people on Council who are shaking in their collective boots. Accountability is going to suck.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The nicest lady in local rescue

Today me and Buttercup headed down to Chester - one of the most beautiful towns in Nova Scotia - to go to an open house being held by Tracy Jessiman and her husband
This is Buttercup (of course) - I was taking a moment to check out and see if there was any buoy booty afoot - there wasn't (: - but I did find four pieces of glass, so it wasn't all bad
Tracy and her husband recently relocated to Chester - and bought a super fantabulously beautiful house - but aren't they all that way in Chester? - and they wanted to meet some more local residents - and also raise some money for their favourite local charity - Animal Rescue Coalitions - it gave Netta and Tracy a chance to prostelytze to the people gathered about adoption and spay and neuter, and how great rescue animals are - and everyone who came seemed to be very happy to talk about their own animals, and were eager to find out ways that they could personally help - it was pretty neat.
I'd say they were pretty successful on all fronts, there were quite a few people around the house - and Netta (the President of ARC) thought that they'd raised about $1,400! So that was awesome of Tracy and her husband Earl! Yay! If every rescue had sponsors like the Jessiman's - there would be a lot of very lucky rescues out there. It was a good day for me too - because I got to take home leftovers from Julien's bakery - so I was happy too!
Tracy has some really cute chairs that were salesmens samples back in the olden days - so she let me put Buttercup in them to take some pictures -
And Buttercup let me take some pictures of her too - which was a good thing - because sometimes she won't!
She looks like she's a monster dog sitting in a tiny chair and she's 300 pounds!
I think she looks very cute
This is her looking at me like I'm from another planet because I am vainly trying to get her to look at me!

Thanks Tracy for helping raise money for Animal Rescue Coalitions! Tracy also writes letters to the Editor that changes lots of people's minds about animal topics - she and Netta wrote an editorial piece for the Chronicle Herald a couple week's ago that I'll paste below - and she's also the person who painted the picture of Daisy that I posted about a couple months ago - so she is very multi-talented!

Here's the op-ed piece that was in the Chronicle Herald -

Animal-abuse laws need sharper teeth


After reading the Oct. 3 article “Animal welfare laws lacking in Canada," we at Animal Rescue Coalitions are in complete agree­ment. Agricultural animals are not protected by current Cana­dian laws, as are household pets.

Animal abuse is unacceptable.

Our current laws are not a deter­rent to individuals who abuse animals because of two things: a lack of enforcement and a lack of punishment. We feel the Crimi­nal Code needs to be altered to reflect a zero tolerance for ani­mal abusers and it needs to be enforced. There should be both a lifetime ban from owning ani­mals and a national registry for convicted animal abusers. The percentage of animal abuse cases that lead to a conviction in Cana­da is 0.01 per cent.

A man in Alberta ties the fam­ily dog in ropes, puts her in a bag, ti es the bag to the bumper of his car and drives around until the dog is dead. This case took over two years to make it through the judicial system. His sentence was 30 days in jail, to be served on weekends, and one year of probation. This man should have been banned for life from owning another animal.

A man in New Brunswick admits he shot and killed 175 dogs at his large breeding facil­ity. He has never been charged.

He admitted the killings to the media the same day he was in court contesting one of his “pup­py brokers." This man and his puppy broker were in a disagree­ment as to who was at fault for selling sick and dying puppies.

Only one media outlet broadcast the story about the 175 shootings and no charges were filed for animal abuse.

A man in New Brunswick receives a $550 fine after killing five Pomeranian breeding dogs by hitting them over the head with a hammer. At the time, he was under investigation for ani­mal cruelty and negligence. He was found not guilty of cruelty in killing his five dogs, but guilty of injuring one dog that survived.

The judge determined that the surviving dog did suffer pain, so he was charged with injuring one dog in contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada.

A man living in Alberta, in a fit of rage against his wife, kills their dog with a shovel. His sen­tence is only 60 days’ imprison­ment, to be served intermittently. He claimed the puppy was going to cost him his job. This man had a previous criminal record for mischief, arson and setting a false alarm. The judge concluded his remorse was not genuine.

A dog in Nova Scotia that was chained outside 24 / 7 is found frozen to death in winter and no charges are filed against the owner. Neighbours had reported the negligence to authorities numerous times. Following an investigation, authorities found the owner was providing the necessities of life for the dog (food, water and shelter) so no charges were laid, even after the dog was found dead and frozen in the snow. His water bowl was also frozen solid.

A woman in Nova Scotia is given a $5 fine for drowning two kittens in a bucket of water. The normal punishment for cruelty charges is 30 days in jail, a $500 to $2,000 fine and long-term prohibition from owning ani­mals. She was on welfare and the system thought she would not pay, so they negotiated a $5 fine.

Two women in Nova Scotia have over 100 dogs and cats seized from their property. In­vestigators also found many dead animals, and the live ones were very abused and neglected. The women had over 100 charges laid against them. Under the current act, they could have been given jail time, a lifetime ban on own­ing animals and a substantial fine. However, they did not re­ceive jail time, two dogs were returned to the women and they received a minor fine.

Under current Canadian law, animals fa ll under the category of property, just like your home, computer, furniture or car. Most people involved in animal rescue do not have a problem with ani­mals being considered property.

The issue is that animal abusers hide behind the title of property.

Removing animals from the category of property is one solu­tion to animal abuse; however, that will never happen. Behind every animal advocate, there is a lobbyist working to keep animals classified as property. Lobbyists working on behalf of large breed­ing facilities like puppy mills, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, fur farms, animal­testing facilities, hunters and anglers have access to millions of dollars and they lobby the gov­ernment aggressively full time.

Animals are not disposable.

They deserve our governments’ support and protection. If you want to see legislation altered to protect our animals, we encour­age you to contact your pro­vincial agricultural a nd justice ministers, your MLA and your MP. Ask them where they stand on animal abuse. Ask them if they are willing to enact change.

We are available to help in any way we can.

Annette Armitage is president, Animal Rescue Coalitions (, and Tracy Jessiman is an animal advocate

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Haligonian on the cusp of Making it Big - Jordan Croucher

Jordan Croucher is the son and grandson of a lifelong family friend of my parents - and he's a young guy who's been a singer for a few year's - and he's just about to become famous I think - watch the below video and I think you'll agree. He was a basketball star when he went to university locally as well - I think he's always excelled at everything he's done.

When I watched the below video I had to make a post about it because I was just so impressed with it - music is a huge part of my life - and Jordan has really started to find his voice - this isn't his first album - and he's always been a super positive rapper, signing about the positive side of life - which he still is - and he's now gotten super smooth and polished. All he needs now is nice dog as a side-kick, and he'l be a super-star! haha!

I've always thought it was super unfair - I am trapped in the body of a middle aged woman and I most identify with the music of the angry young black man - that isn't the demographic of Jordan either - but if I was an angry young black man and I wanted to woo a lady - I'd put some of Jordan's music in my cd player, that's for sure.


Some great shots today

The dogs were on fire this morning - Buttercup was at her cutest - and Charlie and Daisy were being very beautiful in their wrestling - I was so glad I had the camera close by. I mean - Buttercup had TWO toys here. I am pretty sure she is feeling MUCH better without that snaggle tooth in the front of her mouth.
Please enjoy these pictures!

Friday, October 22, 2010

We're spending a lot of time at the vet!

Today was Buttercup's turn at the vet - she hasn't been wanting to eat the last little while, and I thought that was weird - and has been really only wanting to eat when I feed her with a fork, so I was poking around in her mouth - and sure enough, one of her bottom front teeth was super loose and ready to fall out - so out to the vet we went. She almost always goes with me whenever we go to the vet with the other dogs - and she shakes like crazy - even though we're not there for her - but today we WERE there for her, and she wasn't too happy about it!
The tooth came out super easy though, which was lucky - anaesthesia and a 16 year old dog really isn't possible unless its for something that's life threatening - it came out with a good tug and a piece of dental floss - so I was happy we went, and I'm sure Buttercup will be much happier in a couple of days.
These are a couple pictures of her once we got home tonight - she doesn't seem fizzed at all - I gave her a little bit of metacam and she barked her usual barks when we got out of the car
And she did all her usual rolling around when we came in the house - so I think she's going to be okay - poor Buttercup - mouth pain is the worst!
I haven't been blogging about Daisy's progression with her diabetes - but it's been progressing - she's been going in every Tuesday and Thursday for "glucose curves" - and her sugars have been super high - from 25 to 29 usually - and she's now up to 25 units twice a day of insulin
But she still doesn't have any ketones in her urine, which to me was the thing that signalled that Jackie was in the final stages of dying - so I'm happy about that at least. It makes me think that she still has quite a bit of time left.
I had my animal communicator friend come over last week and she said that Daisy feels good about what's going on and she's ready to go - and that there is more going on than just the diabetes, and we're going to do this on Daisy's time - which I am very happy with.
Daisy doesn't seem to mind going to the vet and staying for the day - unlike Jackie - who hated every minute of it - she is excited to have her harness put on in the morning - so I don't mind sending her off for the day, I think they must be giving her special attention at Westwood Hills - but Daisy IS very easy to love - she's very affectionate and is the kind of dog that's always poking her nose in your belly - and I hope she stays that way until the end
She doesn't seem like she's in too much discomfort - but she does seem to be starting to mind the needles at every meal - especially since they're taking longer to empty because they're so full of insulin - it takes longer for the poke to end - that bothers me a bit, but it's got to be done unfortunately - she also had a urinary tract infection that we had to make an extra trip to the vet for - so that was probably bothering her too - I had noticed brown spots on the floor last week - and it was blood in her urine - so most women would know the pain of that - so I'm glad that symptoms showed for it so that it could get treated and she's not being bothered by that anymore.

So far the vet bills in the last month have been about $1,400 - Carnegy doesn't know what he's missing - but I am very glad that I switched - I am quite certain I wouldn't be getting the level of care that I'm getting at Westwood Hills - at my previous vets. So my unhappy times happened at just the right moment.
Charlie is taking everything in stride. Things are changing, and and he continues to be my perfect once in a lifetime dog.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

‎"I'm just a poor peasant dog, with nothing to put on my little head but flimsy tissue paper. Please give me some of what you have - maybe some cupcake, or a little avacado sandwich maybe - nothing too much - I'm just a little small poor doggie..."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Janice Bingley wins her case - sort of

Janice Bingley - the woman who had 22 dogs seized from her last year in Westville - four Great Danes, 11 Great Dane puppies, one pomeranian mix with three puppies, two Japanese chins and two medium-sized dogs - went to trial this past week in New Glasgow, and had the charges against her dropped by the judge. She'd been charged by the NS SPCA with running a puppy mill.

When the story was happening last year I wrote a few posts about it - initially I asked the question "Should the dogs and puppies in Westville have been seized by the NS SPCA?" - and I showed photos that Janice had provided to the public - laying bare her family life and the inside of her house with all the dogs in question, showing what she believed the was the life of a normal family with all her dogs around her, being loved, and living amongst herself and her children.

But other people saw a thin great dane being bred with a merle great dane - something that is never supposed to be done in purebred great dane circles, and there were photos taken after the seizure - and the mother Shadow - DID look really, really thin - but what about the other 21 dogs - WHY were they all seized for just one dog.

And I wrote a 2nd post - called "The SPCA's Dirty Little Secret" - which talked about just that. In that post I said -

I haven't made any further posts about the Westville dogs after my first post,
because I've felt very helpless about the story. There's nothing that can be
done about it, no way to help. Because, do you know why? This is standard
operating procedure for the NS SPCA.

I also said -
When is the Animal Cruelty Law for Nova Scotia - Bill 186 - going to come into effect? We need it now! There is a section in there that is going to have a "Animal Cruelty appeal Board composed of not more than ten members appointed by the Governor in Council for such terms as the Governor in Council determines." You can read it here -
Section 31 (1)

Right now there is NO ONE that a person can appeal to if they think the NS SPCA is taking advantage of them when they come to seize their animals. There is no one that a person can call or write who will listen to them - the guilty and the innocent are all lumped together - and that this not right - under any circumstances - and the fact that that exists is wrong - and cannot continue. An appeal board must be started - and soon - so that people like Janice Bingley - can have a place and a venue to get her dogs back somehow - just in case she didn't do anything wrong.
As far as I know - in October 2010 - we STILL don't have the "Animal Cruelty Appeal Board" that was supposed to deal with situations exactly like Janice Bingley's that would have saved heartache like hers.

This is from Bill 186 (as passed with Amendments)
31 (1) There is hereby established a board known as the Animal Cruelty Appeal Board composed of not more than ten members appointed by the Governor in Council for such terms as the Governor in Council determines.
32 (1) Subject to subsection (3), an owner or custodian of an animal who considers himself or herself aggrieved by the removal of the animal under Section 23 may, within five business days of receiving notice of the removal, appeal the removal and request the return by notice in writing on the form prescribed by the Minister to the Chair of the Board.
(5) Within the prescribed number of days after receipt of a notice of appeal the Chair of the Board shall notify the person making the appeal and the Society or the Minister, as the case may be, of the time, date and place at which a panel of the Board will hear the appeal.
(6) The date fixed for a hearing must be not more than the prescribed number of days after receipt of the notice of appeal by the Chair of the Board and the decision of the Board must be issued within the prescribed number of days after receipt of the notice of appeal by the Chair.
(7) An appeal made under this Section does not stay the operation of an order removing an animal.
33 (1) At a hearing, the person making the appeal and the Society or the Minister, as the case may be, are entitled to hear the evidence, call and cross-examine witnesses, present arguments and be represented.
(2) After a hearing, or at any time with the consent of the person making the appeal and the Society or the Minister, as the case may be, a panel of the Board may order that an animal removed under Section 23 be returned to its owner or custodian unless the animal has been euthanized.
(3) Notice of a decision of a panel of the Board under subsection (2) must be given to the person making the appeal and the Society or the Minister, as the case may be, within the prescribed number of days after the hearing and written reasons for the decision must be given to those persons within the prescribed number of days after the hearing.

All of that would bypass the court system - and would save so much money for the dog owners - and the NS SPCA. What is holding back the Nova Scotia government? I am at a loss.

I then wrote a 3rd post - because we are bypassing the REAL culprits - and titled it "Meanwhile the real puppymillers continue unabated" - because Janice Bingley - who was being tortured and had all her animals seized - and was charged with being a puppy miller - but at the same time - REAL AND ACTUAL PUPPY MILLERS - were advertising in the Chronicle Herald and on Kijiji - and keeping enslaved dogs who had no access whatsoever to any kind of veterinary care or light or love or human family - and there was nothing the NS SPCA could do about it - and that was continuing on unabated. And that is the true and horrible tragedy of all of this.

If the NS SPCA could really do anything - I'm SURE they'd rather be focusing on that. I am sure they would.

I do have to say that I met Shadow and her new Mom at a SPCA function earlier this year - and her new Mom was absolutely convinced that Shadow was in desperate need of immediate veterinary intervention when she was seized - and that removing her from the Bingley home was the correct thing to do. She is a savvy dane owner and had to keep 24 hour watch over her for the first several days that she brought her home. She said that it was actually touch and go at some times in the first few days. Shadow grew into a lovely, and completely unphotographable dog because she wouldn't stop moving around the room that we were gathered in.

But as for the other adult dogs in the home - I hesitate to think that they should all have been either seized - or at the very least - not have been returned - even the animal abusers MacIsaac's got some of their dogs back - and Bud Wheatley got one of his dogs back. That was truly cruel and unusual punishment.

At least there is a new chief cruelty inspector in the province now that I hear is a super addition to the management team - and the decisions that were made in 2009 - will never be made that way again. And I am very glad to hear that.

Below is an article from the New Glasgow paper yesterday about the story. Congratulations to Janice and her family for this small victory.

Court ruling prompts SPCA to change procedures

The provincial SPCA says they’ll be changing their procedures after charges against a Westville woman they say was running a puppy mill were dropped in New Glasgow court on Friday.

The SPCA charged Janice Bingley under the Animal Cruelty Act and seized 22 dogs and puppies from her home last October, but the charges were dismissed Friday after Bingley successfully challenged the search warrant the association obtained, saying it violated her charter rights. Neil Fraser, chief provincial inspector with the SPCA, says there has been a change in personnel and policies since this case began last October.

“We’re certainly going to be using this as a learning experience,” he said outside New Glasgow provincial court. Fraser, who took over the chief’s role in April, came short from saying the SPCA was disappointed in the outcome.

“This is why we have court systems,” Fraser said. “We came there and put our case forward and they put theirs forward, and the court ruled in their favour. It’s why we have a justice system.” Meanwhile, Karen Bingley, Janice Bingley’s sister, said she was very pleased with the ruling. “We’re pleased with the ruling, but unfortunately it’s a year too late,” she said. “We sought help from al avenues to get the animals back. We knew the warrant was wrong from day one and we requested the warrant be investigated.”

Janice Bingley’s seven adult dogs, plus an additional dog she was caring for, and the 22 puppies have since been adopted by families and Judge Del Atwood told the family he was unable to order the dogs be returned, indicating they would have to pursue other legal means for their return. Janice Bingley says she’s determined to continue fighting.

“I want my family back,” she stated.

Karen Bingley, who represented her sister in court, said that they will consider their legal options before moving forward.

ps - people have asked me why I've been generous with this story, and not generous with another story that's working its way through the court system - and my answer to that is - #1 because I have opinions like everyone else does - it just happens that I also have a blog, but not everyone else has a blog where they can transmit their opinions to anyone who cares to read them. #2 is that the Bingley's always kept it about the dogs, whereas the other case very quickly degraded to becoming about the dog owner, and very little about the actual dog - which became very telling - and also became very lampoonable. And very much too bad for the dog.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A little fun for a Friday - what else can you expect from stupidity

This post is purely and simply for my own ghoulish enjoyment. And because I'm mentioned in the subject's comment, that gives me allowance to comment back. This lady is the same "lady" who earlier this year felt she had made a huge coup, but city lawyer Mary Ellen Donovan got Trish (who's last name at the time was Malkoff, but has now mysteriously changed to "Hoste") to admit "Everybody who's been working really really hard to support this case has been completely wasting their time" - now THAT'S what an ADMISSION! haha! I don't know who was red faced, but to me - that's NOT the city of Halifax!

Certainly we are in serious times here and this subject shouldn't be taken flippantly. Brindi could very certainly die at this point. But who's fault is it? Is it mine? Is it the city of Halifax? Is it Trish Malkoff's? Is it Mary Ellen Donovan's? Is it Mayor Peter Kelly's? Is it every citizen of the HRM that doesn't speak up? Who's is it? Is it Brindi herself that put her in her current predicament? When you read Trish's missive below - you'll think it's a lot of different people's - but you certainly would never think that it's Brindi's owner - Francesca Rogier.

I am not sure what Trish Hoste thought she'd accomplish by writing her comment at the "Standing with Brindi" blog - but I don't think it's going to have any kind of positive effect on Brindi's case - and it certainly won't have ANY effect on the actual case. She should have learned that the first time around. Continuing to denigrate this area of the world though - all the way from the other side of the world - is HUGELY counter-productive in the area of good-will.

I think that before you read any further - you should follow this link and go to another blog if you haven't been there already, and read a couple posts from the website "Standing with Brindi" - specifically the posts called "The Incident" and the post "Owner to Ask Judge: Can Brindi be Freed pending Upcoming Trial" - in the post called "The Incident" - the author goes into pretty intricate detail about what happened on the day of the alleged attack - naming the names of the owners of the beagle mix who reported the incident that has caused this whole melee. It says in particular -

"The injuries suggest they were caused by a dog gripping another dog with its paws. Contrary to newspaper reports, there were no puncture wounds on the dog’s neck, nor any obvious teethmarks to prove without a doubt that Brindi was not wearing her muzzle. The Simms live several blocks north of the Pettipas. Their statements say that as a rule, they do not walk their dog further south to pass the Rogier home. However, they were in the habit of closely “eyeing” the Rogier home."

Interesting. It also details where Mr. Simm's works - I don't why naming Mr. Simm's employer has anything to do with the dog attack. Do you? That whole blog is an interesting read - especially since in at least one spot on the blog it says "There is little to report on this recent situation involving Brindi as neither side nor the city is talking" - and by neither side I'm assuming one of those sides is Francesca Rogier herself - so where are they getting their information from?

But I digress - on to the Trish Hoste portion of the entertainment, and that's what this is, and nothing else - because this has nothing to do with the "Brindi story" - because once again - NONE OF US has anything to do with the outcome of this case. The only ones involved are: Francesca Rogier, the dog who was attacked and their owner, the investigating Animal Control Officer, the Crown Attorney, and the JUDGE. And THAT'S IT. Sorry all you animal advocates from around the world. You are shut out again. That's jurisprudence at its best. Or worst. I don't know.

But on to Trishie.

Trish Hoste says:
October 12, 2010 at 4:14 pm
(With a special note to HRM Councilor, David Hendsbee, at the close)


It is absolutely beyond the comprehension of any decent, honest, fair-minded, just, law-abiding, merciful, respectable and respectful person of good conscience, that an entire city authority can be so single-minded in its quest to destroy one woman and her dog.

It is now glaringly obvious for all to see that it’s not a woman scorned that hell hath no fury like, but rather the ‘dishonorable’ officials in The City of Halifax (HRM), Nova Scotia, Canada. They conduct themselves with flagrant disregard for their sworn duty to uphold human and animal rights, and justice for all within the community, and for the voters who elected and entrusted them with that very task.

Instead of respecting and abiding by the legal decisions handed down by the Supreme and Provincial Courts, who denied HRM’s attempts to euthanase Ms Rogier’s dog Brindi, their resentment at losing and their vindictive obsession to annihilate these two souls knows no bounds. And of course they needed no second excuse for the opportunity to try once again to finish what they’ve determined to do all along: kill Brindi and bring Ms Rogier to her knees, for daring to stand up to them. I don't think that Animal Services were at Ms. Rogier's house when she was taking the groceries out of her car and left her window down in her car so that Brindi could jump out and go and run up to another dog who had the very bad luck to be walking along a public road that his owner's relatives also have the bad luck to live on - so that Brindi could have an altercation with on a very unlucky day in July. Do you think they were there that day?

Once again they have forcibly seized and incarcerated Brindi after just two short months of freedom, following 2 years of hell on ‘death row’, after Animal Services had seized and held her illegally for most of that time! Once again they have brought the same misdemeanor charges against Ms Rogier for which she has already been tried, found guilty and paid a fine. The moment the Judge freed Brindi, albeit under stringent conditions, the vigilantes and the knives were out, no matter what! And actually - Brindi wasn't seized immmediately - they waited a couple weeks while they completed their investigation - which surprised the hell out local dog people - we all figured they'd seize her immediately - we actually thought that Brindi was going to be seized earlier in the summer when we saw other shit happening!

No doubt the twisted, hate-fuelled ‘DOG-KISSER’ & ‘DOG-LOVER’, lusting after Brindi’s blood, and driven by their passion to run Ms Rogier out of their province; What the hoo-ha? I avoid this topic like the plague - but you are giving me SUCH good stuff here - how can I NOT write something! This is just pure FUN! I love you Trish Hoste - don't stop writing this shit! I LOVE YOU!!!! .. And /or one or other spite-filled author of the poison-pen letters and comments posted in the press and on the above websites, before and after Brindi was released; .. And/or the o-so-pious, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth Catholic neighbor, who patently has no concept of the dictates and teachings of Christianity or her Church; So now people aren't allowed to be Catholic anymore - what the hoo-haa is going on over there in South Africa - I know Nelson Mandela isn't dead yet - it can't be THAT bad over there yet, can it? .. And/or some pathetic cowardly idiot who has no compassion, or understanding of the nature of dogs, and can’t wait to run crying to big brother; .. One or all of them, somewhere along the line, have had a hand in filing these ‘conflicting’ reports of a dog incident occurring at or near Rogier’s home.

Tragically, neither Brindi nor Ms Rogier ever stood a chance against them, or the might of HRM, however hard she tried to comply with the court’s ruling. Especially when Ms. Rogier is posting videos to her own Facebook group of Brindi trotting around in a public place without her muzzle on, eating cake - and Mr. Bobby Riley going on another Facebook group (CTV News) trotting off about how there was a little white dog at that function who didn't have any problems at all with Brindi being there! So we have a video of Brindi with no muzzle, and an old man saying there was another dog there - and it's less than a month after Brindi's free. Now THAT'S a smart thing to do, wouldn't you say?

I realize I must sound just as prejudiced in favor of Brindi and Ms Rogier as do their enemies who seek to destroy them, and who I firmly believe deserve to be named and shamed, for their disgraceful roles in this affair, but questions now beg to be asked: Doesn’t anyone at HRM see the miscarriage of justice that is taking place here, or that the law is most definitely not blind when it comes to Brindi and Ms Rogier?

Is there no man or woman left in HRM who will stand up and speak out against this deliberate persecution? Persection for what? For condemning her own dog to death for continuing to put her in jeopardy for not keeping her safe? Is there no-one with the courage of their convictions who is prepared to expose the glaring prejudices with regard to the application of the A300′s by-law in this particular case, when HRM’s own records show no seizures in the vast majority of dog-related cases, even when attacks on humans are involved?

And last but not least, what about these A300 by-laws, the ones which, by the city’s own admission, are flawed and in need of revision, or the fact that the Supreme Court has taken issue with and quashed various clauses? Is long-due reform on hold until Brindi and Ms Rogier can safely be disposed of? Yes they are on hold until Brindi's case is well good and gone.

I refer readers to the website, “STANDING WITH BRINDI”, from which I have found some of this information and borrowed some comments. From there, and I quote: “It seems that not all Nova Scotians approve of HRM Animal Services or the law it enforces. Petitions calling the treatment of Rogier and her dog unfair have reportedly begun circulating around the province this week.” (We all need to find and sign those petitions!) I have seen or heard of none, I MUST be running in the wrong circles.

In fact, there is also an excerpt on the above site, from an interview with HRM Councilor, David Hendsbee and Don Connolly on CBS.. “HRM Councilor David Hendsby from his CBC interview with Don Connolly in regards to this recent incident:

“abundance of speculation” “who was the victim?” “will there be a fair process or is [Brindi] guilty right [off] again”… and I would add one more: “a rush to judgment.”


To the Honorable Councilor, David Hendsbee,

I recall that two years back, when this nightmare for Brindi and Ms Rogier began, you were one of the few voices, if not the only one, who spoke out responsibly, the truth, with integrity, intelligence, reason and respect for the position you hold and those you serve.

It is a great shame that unlike the days of Henry VIII et al, a man of decency and honor like you can’t dissolve HRM and demand the heads of those who have betrayed their office and the public, beginning with The Mayor and the Head of the Legal Department. The whole world knows who they all are!

Let’s hope and pray that the voters speak with their crosses on the ballot papers, come next election and that true men and women of sanity prevail. Otherwise Nova Scotia may well find itself with a local government modeled after our political system in South Africa, where the liberators, the ANC, are fast becoming the oppressors. Little by little, our government shows less and less regard for our constitution, or the basic human rights, including freedom of information and the press, and more importantly the sanctity of an independent judiciary, which it enshrines.

Good luck!

I was sent an email a couple weeks ago that someone actually RECEIVED FROM David Hendsbee about how he now feels about the Brindi case - and I'll paste it below for your enjoyment - he seems to have made a flip flop about the story. Very interesting - enjoy.

Thank you for your e-mail.
At first I wanted Francesca Rogier to win her case because I believe there are some flaws in our bylaw about Responsible Pet Owners. The lengthy court processing proven one point of how fruitless it can be for the municipality to deal with simple pet issues such as animal control. I would prefer a simpler Appeals Committee of Council instead of the courts.

Besides this dog has never bit a person and dogs will be dogs. It is just show dominance about its property. Never has a dog been mauled and chewed apart either. I am concerned that we, the municipality should consider a No-Kill policy except where the animal has been deemed extremely dangerous where it has bitten people or participated in organized dog-fights.

Both animal and owners can be trained.

But now with the latest situation, I believe Ms. Rogier has lose her right to keep the dog. She is in violation of the HRM Bylaw again but also in contradiction of a Provincial Court Order. The muzzle order was an imperative condition of her pet's parole. BUT Her chance for redemption has now been lost.

This has been a very frustrating situation where the community has been polarized. Even neighbours have expressed diverse opinions about Brindi. I think the dog should be given to someone else now. Perhaps on a large farm property preferably out of the municipality.

My patience likes yours has worn thin on this matter.

Thank you again for your comments.

Best Regards > DAH

And lastly - and perhaps BESTLY - is a video that is making the rounds of Facebook today - it's a video from a Judge down in the States and she's talking about a case where a dog owner's dog has attacked another dog at the property line - and what she thinks about the owner's defence - that the person walking their dog on the public road shouldn't have been walking there because they knew that the dog who attacked was aggressive - so they should have been walking somewhere else. It's CLASSIC. BEAUTIFUL.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bud Wheatley - was hiding 17 more dogs

The puppy miller of PEI had 17 more dogs seized from his home this past weekend - it turns out that last year when he had 76 dogs seized from his property that they only had a warrant to search his barn - and like other animal hoarders before him - he had dogs stashed inside his house - 17 of them. His aunt and another caregiver were supposed to take care of them while he was in prison - but they flew the coop - and on the weekend they called the authorities to tell them the animals were at Bud's house and someone needed to go take care of them - and so they did - and this time they also picked up the dog that Bud was told he could keep.

Thank dog for that.

This really shows that Bud has no care for the law - he thought he was getting away with this - he knew he had a 10 year ban on owning animals - and he figured he'd be able to get away with keeping these dogs in his house - no one would notice them - he could do whatever he felt like doing. And by the looks of it - he probably could.

The news video from PEI is below for your enjoyment.

P.E.I. pet seller has more dogs seized

The owner of an online pet store who was recently sentenced to jail time for cruelty to animals has had 17 more dogs seized from his Covehead, P.E.I., property.

Bud Wheatley, who ran, was sentenced to five months in jail Oct. 5 for causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to animals.

Bud Wheatley has previously had 76 animals seized from his property. (CBC)
Seventy-six dogs and cats had already been seized from his property in Oct. 2009. Some were emaciated, two had to be euthanized and one died before it could be treated.

Wheatley, 62, had arranged for a caregiver to look after his elderly aunt in his home while he was in jail. It's not known how long the dogs were in the home.

The aunt and caregiver moved out of the house and left the dogs behind.

The Department of Agriculture recieved a call that said someone needed to care for the dogs. Officials went to the home with a veterinarian Saturday night and took them to the P.E.I. Humane Society, where they remain.

When Wheatley was sentenced by a provincial court in Charlottetown, he was ordered not to have any pets for 10 years. The one dog the court said he could keep, 13-year-old Sacha, was also taken in Saturday's seizure.

Wheatley has not been charged in connection with this seizure, though the situation is still under investigation.

During his sentencing Wheatley was ordered to pay a $200 fine and cover $68,000 in expenses incurred by the provincial Department of Agriculture.


A couple weeks ago I talked about a pet high chair that I'd seen online - I had never seen such a fabulous invention before in my life and I knew immediately that I must have one.
It occurred to me that if there was such a thing as a pet high chair - there was probably a baby high chair that was pretty much exactly the same, only cheaper and better made - and I was right! So that's what I went out and got - and today it came in the mail - and here is the little baby - isn't it amazing?
Now Buttercup never has to eat on the dirty old floor ever again. She has her own chair at the supper table that's acceptable because it's not an actual chair AT the table - it's a little chair that attaches to the table - it's different and not the same - yet still at the table. It's perfect! haha! It's going to get a LOT of use!

What a great diversion for an otherwise very hum-drum life!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

It's been a busy weekend - but Buttercup got a new bed this week, so she's taking it all in stride.
Yesterday my Dad and me went out to the Maritime Fall Fair to see the Ox Pull in the morning, and when I was walking around this sheep was just standing there ready to have his or her picture taken. It was very cute.

I love taking pictures of oxen - they are very photogenic - it's pretty much impossible not to take a pretty picture of them.

Today I went up to Truro to meet a couple friends who had relatives who own horses who were running at the Truro Raceway - it's the first time I've ever seen horse races and it was very exciting - there were a ton of people there too. This is just one section of people there - there was a whole floor below, plus people outside and a restaurant - we were in the restaurant area.
This is one of the horses that one that were owned by my friend's sister - when I went up to Antigonish last year I got to visit their farm - horses are really neat. I think it would be awesome to live on a horse farm - so different than living in a city.
I just liked this photo with the horse's mane flowing in the wind - I got to go right down on the track to take pictures because I was with the winning horse's "entourage"
Here's another horse that won today - ridden by my friend's sister who lives at the horse farm I visited last summer - I did make some bets today but on a $2 bet I would win about 90 cents - so there was not big money to be won unless you'd make really strange bets - but there was one bet that I missed by about 2 seconds because the bidding closed - and if I would have made it in time the person at my table would have won about $850 because of the odds - now THAT sucked!!
My friend's sister - Mary Claire MacDonald on her winning horse
Long shot of the horses
There was also a dog show at the Truro raceway - what a bonus, eh? When I saw this little pomeranian - I had to take a picture of it - the lady is his or her owner and breeder and handler - Her kennel is called "Chriscendo"
I have pretty much decided that after Buttercup has moved on I'm going to get a puppy - I can't even believe I'm contemplating a life after Buttercup - years ago I didn't even know how I was going to live without her, but now that she's 16 I'm starting to believe that she's going to live forever, so thinking about life after her is getting easier to think about - so I'm thinking that I'm going to get a toy poodle -
And I'm thinking that I might get one from this lady - I've seen her now at a couple of shows, and her dogs look beautiful and perfect - and I'd say that if I'm going to get a puppy from a good breeder - I'd better start preparing a couple years ahead so I can get my name on her list - because that's the proper way to go about things.
This little basenji from Miloki Basenji's had a good today today winning best puppy in show - so his Mom was very happy for him - it was pretty cold outside, and really cold inside too - so when I came upon him he was completely covered in blankets - show dogs are pretty coddled I'd say! But he popped his head out to make a short appearance for me, which I was truly grateful for! haha!
This is one of Shana Snow's and Carla Praught's papillon's - they are becoming, or may already be - very famous for their little dogs - they were just about to go on stage - so Moxie was being very focused and professional!
This was a little italian greyhound who was definitely feeling like it was January and he wished it was July.
And this was a little min pin that is owned by Cindy MacKeen that she was showing today

And lastly - my friends from Antigonish brought me this awesome present! It's a hand carved candle that's made by a family run business in Antigonish - and it's lit by a "a small oil reservoir to provide you with a gentle, warm light for hours at a time. By using an oil reservoir instead of burning actual wax your candle will last forever and not fill the air with all of the chemicals present in paraffin wax."

I think Buttercup looks absolutely beautiful memorialized in paraffin wax - and everyone should have one of these on their mantel pieces! But you don't need to have with Buttercup on it - you can get one with your own dog on it! They have a website at - where you can go have a look at some of the other candles they've made - and pick one out for yourself!