Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bumble Bees and Buttercup

Last week I thought Buttercup had an engorged black tick on her back left leg. So I pulled and pulled on it, and when I couldn't get it to come off I went and got my tweezers and pulled on it some more, and then it seemed to collapse and it was all bloody and Buttercup was screaming, but still it wouldn't come off - but I thought that at least I must have killed it - but still the bugger wouldn't come off so I took her to the vet.

It turns out it wasn't it a tick. It's cancer.

We aren't going to do anything about it, because Buttercup also has a really bad heart murmur, and the vet said that even to sedate her to cut the thing off might kill her - so we're going to leave it, and I'm not allowed to pick at it. So I'm totally leaving it alone.

Buttercup is 18 years old, with really bad arthritis in her back legs - neither of her back knees are even in her sockets anymore at all - she shouldn't really be able to walk - but Buttercup is like a bumble bee.

Bumble bees are supposedly too heavy to be able to fly - but they don't know that, so they do.

Buttercup doesn't realize that she is old and terribly rickety and her joints don't fit in her sockets, and she's got cancer, and moderate going into severe cataracts in both eyes.

She just knows she's got a very important job to do - protecting me from the other dogs and keeping me alive, and she doesn't think she's going anywhere soon.

And to that I say thank dog.

Here's a video i took of her last night having supper - every meal Bubby tries to steal the food she drops next to her bowl, it's pretty funny - usually he doesn't get any - but last night Buttercup let him have a couple pieces - sometimes she even runs him right off the bed - but I guess she was in a good mood yesterday -

A couple days ago, Sidney was feeling goofy - and this is what became of it - (the dog barking in the background is OLLIE)