What I Believe

What I believe –

All dogs are individuals.  They are sentient beings just like humans – dogs are just like humans – and so are pigs and cows and chickens.

There is no difference between eating dogs or chickens or pigs or cows – but our North American culture has told us that eating dogs is wrong – it’s all bad, and all wrong – and it’s too bad that pig tastes so darn good.

Every dog is different and should be treated that way – they should not be pigeon holed by breed – they are as different and varied as we are – they have feelings and want to feel in control of their life – they wake up in the morning and sometimes they get in bad moods and sometimes they feel constipated and get pissed off with everyone in their world and the way they manifest that might be to snap at you even though they’re usually laid back and happy – everyone gets in a bad mood sometimes – even dogs.

I only believe in guiding a dog so that he can live in the world more easily through positive methods – ignoring the bad and praising the good – as simple as that – and turning everything into a game. 

I believe that using other methods to train dogs – shock collars and other means – such as flooding – simply suppresses behaviour – which for some dogs is okay – they can handle that – but other dogs will eventually not be able to handle the techniques that they have been exposed to – and will explode – and those are the dogs you hear about in the news who – “never showed any bad behaviour before and we can’t explain why they suddenly just went nuts”.

I believe that breed discriminatory legislation and policies in all their manifestations is wrong – whether it’s through banning – mandatory spay and neuter – and also mandatory training for large breed dogs.

I believe that there should be off-leash exercise areas available everywhere – because it’s absolutely necessary for happy dogs, happy owners – and happy and healthy municipalities and towns.

I believe that puppies and dogs should be procured from responsible rescues – and responsible breeders.

I believe that pit bulls are no different than any other kind of dog – they are not born dog fighters – they are not dangerous dogs – they are just normal dogs that have a very bad reputation, any dog can have dog aggression – and pit bull type dogs are no different – and the percentage of pit bull type dogs who have dog aggression is no higher than any other breed of dog – dog fighters have to abuse the high level dog aggression that they need for the sport of dog fighting into the pit bull – just like they would need to do to any other breed of dog – the pit bull type dog though does give a much higher level of love – a lot of dog breeds can be very aloof – and the pit bull is definitely not – they are very attached to humans – and because of that they are very easy to abuse, which is very unfortunate. 

It takes a lot for them to strike back when they are abused – whereas another breed of dog might retaliate a lot sooner.


  1. Hello, I read your comment about dogs on a post defending taking dogs out in public. I really appreciate your arguments and agree with you wholeheartedly. By the way, my dog looks a LOT like yours!! Jennifer

  2. Anonymous1:41 AM

    RIP jeff

    love your cousin