Saturday, October 29, 2011

A sunny Saturday

Bubby is turning out to be highly photogenic
I think you can tell from these photos I took this morning that he also doesn't mind having his photos taken either - he was on the top of the couch, taking a break from trying to get at some knicknacks I have on a shelf right above where he was laying here looking beautiful - in other words he is still very much being a puppy
You can see the knick-knacks in the top of the photo here where Bubby is looking beautiful
This is Buttercup laying on the other side of me wondering what all the fuss was about
And then her asleep because it was just too sunny not to go to sleep
We then had a fabulous walk in the woods this afternoon and the dogs gaave me a couple moments to take a couple pictures of them
I wish now I'd brought my regular camera instead of just my iphone because I think these would have been really nice photos to have with a regular camera and not all fussed up with a pre-made program. Oh well.
Here's a shot of the part of the walk we go on - woods behind my house - I'm so lucky to have this space - waiting 7 years for it to be developed and it hasn't happened yet - I hope it never goes through. That would be awesome to always have this space to walk the dogs.
And here is Buttercup on my lap after the walk dead-asleep - I think she's had a good day for a 17 year old dog.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Travels in Delhi Ontario

I am in Delhi Ontario visiting relatives I've never met
So I have my camera with me
And these are a couple pictures I took this morning
Around, above, below, and to the left of where I've been
Just normal stuff
And of course when I see flowers
I have to take pictures of them
Last night at the Hamilton airport there is the neatest statue of what they call "the common man traveller" - the light wasn't good enough to take a picture of him from the front - so when I am leaving Ontario I hope that I'll be able to get some photos of him them - he is a wild statue
And here is a couple pictures of what I've left behind
I know I've left them in great hands, but I am having pretty severe separation anxiety

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bubby and Buttercup do the Long Lake Provincial Park

Yesterday we went to Long Lake
It was such a beautiful da
y - and it was chock a block with people and their off leash dogs - there were so man
y people there with their dogs it was unbelievable
Bubby had a fab time play
ing with all the dogs there - and I was amazed that people still go there to walk their dogs off leash even after all the warnings over the
years - it was a beautiful da
y for everyone - humans and dogs alike
This little puggle was named Cheech or something similar and was having the time of his life being bad - but it wasn't bad really
- he just wasn't listening to his owners - he was just going and playing with everyone walking by - which is just normal - he had the time of his life.
Bubby thought the place was shangri-la - there were puddles to la
y down in and get muddy
in and the lake to la
y down in and get clean in
Even Buttercup had a good time
And I had a good time watching them all.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another busy day - Maritime Fall Fair, fluffy Bubby, NSIHPE

Today the Maritime Fall Fair was all about horses, I missed the oxen this year - but I did see some cows, so that was good - this year I focused on the midway in my picture taking - which you can look at below - I'll just post all the photos at the end of this post if that's the kind of thing you like to look at.

I also got a couple good shots of Bubby and Buttercup -
Buttercup got to eat her first chicken foot today = which she seemed to enjoy - and
Bubby was looking very fluffy and beautiful, which I of course was not very good at capturing - maybe someday I'll get a good shot of him.

I also took a drive over to the last day of the Nova Scotia Integrative Health Pet Network and
absolutely cleaned up on their silent auction - I guess someone had to bid on the items, eh? I got a magic bullet, a handmade purse, and a candle like one that I already have that's handmade by a company up in Antigonish - I happen to like them - so I bid on it.

I noticed a couple things were missing though. In the thank-you section - the person who made the
magazine ads for the Dogs Naturally Magazine was not thanked - and I think she should have been - her name is Angela Duggan - and I think she did a fabulous job with the ad - it was in every issue of Dogs Naturally Magazine leading up to the expo - and I think you'll recognize the dogs in it.

I also was not thanked - evern though I was involved early on and designed the logo for the event, as you can tell by the presence of Buttercup in the logo as well. Am I sour? I guess you can say I am, but such is life - I only spent many, many hours working on the event - one could say I wasted many many many hours on the event.

But at least the event is over now - and everyone learned lots of lessons from the organizing of the event, that's for sure - I know I did. And I didn't even get a free t-shirt. People who volunteered on the day of the event only got a free t-shirt. Oh yeah, that's the sourness coming out again. I never said I was perfect. I like t-shirts. I'd probably never wear it though because it'd be advertising an event that I'm sour about.

I like to wear t-shirts that advertise things I'm passionate about - so it's probably better I didn't get one.

I like my magic bullet though. And I got a good price on it.

Here's my photos from the Fall Fair today -