Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bubby and Buttercup do the Long Lake Provincial Park

Yesterday we went to Long Lake
It was such a beautiful da
y - and it was chock a block with people and their off leash dogs - there were so man
y people there with their dogs it was unbelievable
Bubby had a fab time play
ing with all the dogs there - and I was amazed that people still go there to walk their dogs off leash even after all the warnings over the
years - it was a beautiful da
y for everyone - humans and dogs alike
This little puggle was named Cheech or something similar and was having the time of his life being bad - but it wasn't bad really
- he just wasn't listening to his owners - he was just going and playing with everyone walking by - which is just normal - he had the time of his life.
Bubby thought the place was shangri-la - there were puddles to la
y down in and get muddy
in and the lake to la
y down in and get clean in
Even Buttercup had a good time
And I had a good time watching them all.

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  1. Christopher Richardson8:23 PM

    Awwwww.... makes me wanna get the 'ol beagle out in the woods myself..