Thursday, December 4, 2014

Today was a good day for animal welfare in Nova Scotia

Today was a good day for animal welfare in Nova Scotia - new regulations came into effect - along with summary offence fines - that give the people who have the power to protect animals in our province "add bite to their words" as CEO of the Nova Scotia SPCA said today.

As of December 2nd you can't tie your dog out 24/7 anymore - you can only tie them out for no longer than 12 hours at a time, you have to pay attention to whether or not they have food and water or be subject to a $406.45 fine without being charged with cruelty at all - if a special constable comes to your house and finds that your dog (or cat) is being kept in inadequate space, in unsanitary conditions or inadequate conditions or without opporunity for exercise - they can issue you a ticket for $406.45 on the spot.

If you leave your animal in an unattended motor vehicle in conditions that could cause distress you can be issued a ticket for $693.95 on the spot.

You can read the regulations that have been put into place here -

These 2 pictures are the list of summary offence tickets that are available to special constables and police officers across the province now to give to pet owners who are contravening the Animal Protection Act.

They have also targetted puppy mills and dog brokers by requiring that every animal that is sold in Nova Scotia have a Veterinary certificate signed and filled out by a veterinarian - which will be a big hassle for large scale breeders and dog brokers. You can find that form on page 9 of the Regulations.

So it's all good - Nova Scotia is now leading the country in animal protection legislation, and the important thing is - the government is excited about it. They are really into this and are paying attention to it. That is really great - that our government really does seem to care about our companion animals. I hope it continues, and I think it will, as long as we as a community are loud and speak with the same voice that this is a topic that is really important to us.

So keep speaking up when you see something you don't agree with - because the animals continue to need you to speak for them.