Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Very DARK DAY for Ontario

This is Daisy looking out the window to make sure there's no BSL Coming up the Street

July 27th the long fought battle for justice for all dogs in Ontario was lost. The judge that has been presiding over the court battle has agreed to re-write legislation that had already been agreed by all parties to be unconstitutional - so that it is constitutional - thereby making pit bulls still banned and illegal in Ontario Canada.

It is a shameful shameful time to be a resident of Ontario. I am so glad I live in a place that at least acknowledges that when a dog is being bad it's not the dog's fault - it's the owner - and that's how our legislation is worded. At least we've done one thing right in this part of the world. Thanks be to Dog...

It is

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cute Pictures

Sometimes I wonder if it's possible whether I've taken all the cute pictures that I've possibly been able to take of my particular dogs. Whether or not I've run out of all the angles and all the shots that are possible positions that make them look cute and make funny and sweet photos.
And every day the dogs surprise me with new shots. None of the photos I take are ever posed or set up - it all just happens when we're out on walks, and it's all just documenting their joy of life - so I guess we will never run out of cute photos to capture - because hopefully they'll never run out of their joy of life.
I'm pretty sure Daisy won't anyway! haha!

A Horrible Discovery

Tonight when I pulled my lawnmower out of my shed I found 3 dead baby mice on the bottom of the main part of the mower. It was awful. I didn't know how they got there, why their Mom would have just left them there - so I just removed them from the mower and mowed the lawn.
It wasn't until I finished that I made th 2nd horrible discovery - that there was a nest built inside the engine of the lawn mower - and that the babies had obviously fallen out of the nest and died. And when I was sticking my finger in the nest it was extremely hot and I don't know if the engine has parts where the nest were that has moving parts that might have hurt anything that might have still been in there.

When I was taking pictures of the dead babies I didn't hear any noises coming out of the lawn mower, so maybe the dead babies were all the babies that the Mom had had and she'd already moved on. I hope that's what had happened. I'd hate to think that I also killed what had also been left.

I guess I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on my lawn mower. It never occurred to me that something like a mouse would make a nest inside of it. You learn something new every day.

Point Pleasant Park This Morning

Me and Buttercup went down to Point Pleasant Park this morning for a walk and it was very foggy, hardly any dogs were out at all. It would seem that people stay home when there's fog about. Just as we were leaving it started to pour rain - so we finished up just in time.
I took this picture of a flower whose name I have no idea what it is. Some kind of weed I'd imagine. It was very pretty none the less. It was growing in a chain link fence next to one of the old forts.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What's wrong with professional dog fighting?

With all the news this week about Michael Vick and dog fighting and the blood sport of it (and also cock fighting as well) - it's gotten me thinking about the philosophy of it as it relates to our society and what we're willing to put up with.

Me - I have this belief that all life is special and equal - except for house flies (for some reason I just haven't been able to get over killing house flies) - I can't stand to kill anything. If there's a bug in the house I've got a special jar that I'll catch the bug in and take it outdoors and let it go.

There was a letter to the Editor written down in the States posted to a Yahoo group that I belong to and it basically said - Michael Vick shouldn't be charged with anything because dogs have no rights, they are just property and aren't equal to humans, and to give them any legal rights degrades the worth of humans.

I have the opinion that giving dogs rights doesn't "degrade" the worth of humans - all animals - humans included - are exactly THE SAME - no one is better or worse than the other - we are all exactly the same - we are all SENTIENT BEINGS - we all are alive, we all feel, we all live, we die, we give birth, we have sex, we feel better after we've had a good crap, we feel loneliness, we are all the same.

So we are not degrading HUMANS by giving ANIMALS rights.

We are not DEGRADING Michael Vick by prosecuting him for torturing animals. We are standing up for a species that is exactly the same as us and deserves the same protection that we give ourselves.

So that is that part.

On to dog fighting as it relates to violence and how much we're willing to take.

Me - what I like to watch on television are funny cartoons, funny television shows, and some news. I like things like the "Trailer Park Boys, the "Rick Mercer Show", "Little People, Big World", "The Daily Show", "The Office" - shows like that. I don't like to watch shows that have violence because that's not any part of my life. But it seems like there is some segment of society that has violence as an everyday normal part of their life. It's the segment of society that can accept a drive by shooting that kills a child in Toronto Canada as a life occurence and move on from that.

They see that and then become a little numb. And then they see somebody getting beaten up on a corner, and then they hear people hollering at each other as if they're about to kill each other 2 apartments down from where they live. Violence is a normal part of their life. It's endemic. Several people they've known as they've gone through elementary school and highschool have died violently. It's normal. And the dogs that are around them everyday aren't very dog friendly anyway. Their owners like it when they growl and act tough.

Life is full of non-compassion. I don't know what the answer is. I don't know how to show people who've seen nothing but pain, violence and anger that all life deserves to have a chance - especially when they've never been given a chance. I've always said that answers come when you look deep into your dogs eyes.

Maybe these people need to look into the eyes of the dogs' that they're fighting - see that there is life in there. See that there is a living, thinking being that deserves more than being hung or electrocuted when they've lost the fight - or lived their entire life in a cage.

Dog fighting isn't just an American problem - it's a world wide problem. As long as there's evil people out there - there'll be abuse - so unfortunately it's a thing that's not going to go away anytime soon. Give your own dogs a good long hug.


I have an old friend named Sasha who was the first dog I ever fostered - I took care of her while her owner was dying so that her family could take care of her owner and not have to worry about where Sasha was and whether she was in the way or getting her daily walks in. She was a good and very typical old dog - really liked her food, relished being right in the middle of the bed, liked to give kisses, and had a complete look of joy when she got to run.

Sasha is sixteen now and had developed huge tumours on her leg - so it's a miracle really that she's still alive.

Today she was put to sleep. I'm sure she's probably pretty happy that she's gotten to finally go the same place where her owner is now. She was a good dog, and sixteen years is a pretty good age for a dog, so you really can't ask for too much more than that. I am very grateful that I got a couple minutes to say goodbye to her last night and give her as much liver as she wanted - and she wanted as much as I was willing to give her. Which was quite a bit. She's having diarhea right now in heaven, I'd imagine.

Friday, July 27, 2007


We usually get about 4 or 5 days a year here where it's ungodly hot. The rest of the time we just watch the rest of the world deal with their humidex and gloat because we have lovely weather here in shangri-la. Right now we're living through those 4 or 5 days of heat. The dogs are really feeling the heat. I don't think I've ever seen Buttercup feel this hot. She's really uncomfortable. I feel bad for her. It's tough getting old.

Here's a picture of my backyard as of today. All the bushes that were there have been cut down and it's going to become lawn. Nice and respectable. Lots of areas to pee and poop on and there's going to be a rock garden too. It's going to be very nice. I can't wait.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Video of Daisy's First 5 Minutes of Freedom & My New Fence

Today was a good day - the fence guys came and finished the fence, I went around the entire periphery and filled in all the spots where the dogs could possibly get out from underneath - including Buttercup - and there were lots of those kinds of spots - some spots I think a horse could get through, but luckily I've got TONS of rocks on the property - so all the holes are now filled and the property is now secured. Except for people throwing junk over the fence (which a couple things HAVE been tossed over) - the dogs are now safe - and that feels very good.

Daisy hasn't come inside since I've taken off her long line. She's just laying down on the grass, quietly laying there, except for when a bicycle or a person of bad consideration walks by, and she lets the world know that somebody should be watching out. She's got a job to do. It's been a good day.

Here's a video that I took of the very first 5 minutes of Daisy's freedom - I have some text on the video - "imagine what it's like to eat grass on your lawn that you've never been able to eat the whole time you've lived on your property?" Imagine what that must taste like - I bet that grass tasted pretty sweet to Daisy today. And I'll bet that tonight she pooped in a completely different spot than she's ever pooped before. Way away from her usual pooping spot - just because she CAN.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Putting up a fence and interacting with neighbours

So I have committed an awful crime. I have to come clean I guess. I spent $2,500 and paid to have my land surveyed. And now I've gone and spent more than $5,000 and put up a fence. I have caused untold pain and hardship upon my neighbours. They have lived in their house for more than 50 years and have never had a problem until I moved in - and now all these problems. I've put up a fence. How awful.

And I walk my dogs in the woods off leash too, to top it all off - just about every day for the last 3 years that I've been living here. The woods up there are literally lined with dead bodies. Someone should go up there and check. That's where all the missing children are you know.

Please enjoy this video I took of todays events - I think you will REALLY enjoy it. I know the guys putting up the fence had quite a hoot all day long.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

This is why I have my website

I went to Value Village for a couple minutes today - and when I came out, the van next to me had this hanging out it's driver's window.
A little white dog with almost his whole body stuck out the driver's side window. This is exactly why I have my "Charlie loves Halifax" website. So that people don't have to leave their dogs at home or in the car. I wish these people would've known they could have taken their dog with them into Value Village.
What a shame for this little guy. I'm sure this is the normal position for this guy whenever his owners leave him in the car. He seemed quite calm and collected sitting there - like as if he was quite used to being there. It was foggy and humid today out in Bayer's Lake and not particularly hot - so he wouldn't have been cooking in that van - it was just too bad that he had to be left in the car.

He was left behind and not able to do his job - being a companion to his owners. And that's the reason why I have my website - so that people can spend as much time with their dogs as they want to - even take them shopping and add even more and better socialization skills - and make healthier and happier dogs. Because I don't think this little guy was feeling particularly healthy. But I'm quite sure Buttercup was pretty happy.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Charlie got to chase a squirrel in the back yard!

Charlie loves squirrels - that was always the best thing about going to Point Pleasant Park - the squirrrels, and that's one of the shittiest things about not being able to go to Point Pleasant Park since Daisy's come along - is the lack of squirrels in Charlie's life.
But with the recent installation of a bird feeder in the back yard - it seems as if we've got a squirrel who's coming to visit! And today Charlie saw him.
Even after he'd gone - Charlie got to bark at the tree for quite a while - I let him go at it, because he was having SUCH a good time.
It had been such a long time since he'd gotten to bark at a tree that contained a squirrel - he was in seventh heaven
And then after it was over, he felt like such a proper dog for a little while.
You could see it written very clearly across his face.

His glow lasted for quite awhile. The bird feeder is definitely worth it.

This afternoon circumstances dictated that we had to go to the beach - so off we went to Crystal Crescent - what a beautiful day it was
I spent quite awhile laying prone on a huge rock in the middle of no where, and the dogs ran around rolling on various pieces of seagull poop and waiting for me to dole out liver to them
This is Daisy waiting with baited breath for her piece of liver
And Charlie waiting for his
This is Charlie lying in the spot where we hung out for quite awhile - I had been laying next to him - he wasn't sure we were actually getting up to leave yet - and since he's not a dog who likes to make rash choices in his getting ups and laying downs - he stayed where he was until I told him that we were actually leaving.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A retooled video

Facebook won't let you upload videos that are more than 2 minutes, so I re-edited a video that I made of Buttercup rolling around at Conrad's beach and it turned out so cute I reposted it You Tube - and put it here. Man, that is one cute dog.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh Yeah - MUD!

This is what happens when you live close to the earth.
Occasionally your white fur has to turn to brownish black
And I think it must feel pretty good
I think it feels fan-damn good
But you can't run away forever from the person who's going to put you in the kitchen sink when you get home!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Daisy says "I'm going to get me some duck tonight!"
"Where did they go?"
"Oh - I think I see one there!"
"No, it's just a rock - I can't eat a rock!"
"I'm just sitting here looking pretty Mommy! I don't want any ducks! Can I have a piece of liver?"

Doggy Day Cares Come one Step Closer!

My apologies for taking so long to post this - I've had a bad week for headaches and have been fitting stuff in between "episodes" -

Monday night was the latest hurdle for the legalization/acceptance/movement towards in home doggy day cares for the HRM with the Peninsula Community Council Meeting and Public Hearing when they heard the people for and against the application for the amendment to the Land Use Bylaw allowing in home dog daycares in the HRM.

Things went fabulously and just as hoped - not that the amendment to the Land use Bylaw will be passed, because that's not what we want - but that a development agreement will be allowed - so that each person who wants to open up an in home doggy day care in the HRM will have to apply to the City, seek the approval of their neighbours, and have to go through several qualifying "hoops" - before they can open their business in their home.

In other words - rules and regulations are going to be set up - the Halifax Regional Municipality is going to become (hopefully) the first city in Canada to legally allow in home doggy day cares as an in home occupation - with rules and guidelines and regulations - all approved by the City.

It's fabulous.

And to think it all started because of one bitch's vindictiveness.

At the public hearing on Monday I submitted a 49 page diatribe if you care to read it - It talks about why we need doggy day cares, it lists all the local doggy in home day cares - because for some reason the City thinks that the Canine Casbah is the only one doing that type of business in Canada - and also why having an in home doggy in your neighbourhood won't make a bit of difference to the quality of your neighbourhoods life. If you want to read it - email me at dogkisser@gmail.com and I'll email it to you.

Here's the Chronicle Herald article that was in the paper today about it:

Doggy day care may get to sit, stay in Halifax neighbourhood

By AMY PUGSLEY FRASER City Hall Reporter | 5:31 AM

The owner of a Halifax doggy day care is pleased that the city will work with her to consider allowing her business to operate legitimately.

"I’m chomping at the bit to get started, to get this going," Janet Chernin said Tuesday.

Ms. Chernin has been operating Canine Casbah on Oak Street for 11 years with no complaints from her neighbours, her clients or the city.

However, a query by an ex-competitor brought a bylaw enforcement officer to her door almost two years ago.

"My jaw just dropped," she said Tuesday in an interview, remembering her reaction to his presence at the door and the news that she was being cited for violating a municipal bylaw that prohibits "an animal grooming or care home-based business" in peninsular Halifax.

Since then, she’s been trying to get her business on the radar — and into the realm of municipal acceptance — while fighting the charge in court.

Central to her case is that dog day cares are not included in the city bylaws because they’re outdated, she says, pointing to a clause in a bylaw that refers to "the keeping of animals" as one of the four occupations you can’t do in your home.

"That, to me, harkens back to livestock," she said.

"It’s time HRM grows up with the times and the need for doggy day cares.

"Look at how many dog stores are out there, and (dog) apparel. It’s huge. It’s a multimillion-dollar industry, pet care and supplies."

While Ms. Chernin was originally applying to amend the land-use bylaw to permit pet care facilities in residential areas, a recent meeting of the downtown planning advisory committee advised against it.

Instead, the committee felt that proceeding by way of a development agreement "would allow a public consultation process with the neighbourhood," says a staff report.

After a public hearing Monday night, the Peninsula community council agreed.

The chairwoman of the community council said Tuesday that development agreements give the city much more control over the businesses and allow it to deal with each location in a "one-off."

"Most of the people at the public hearing spoke in favour of the Canine Casbah," said Coun. Sheila Fougere (Connaught-Quinpool).

However, a development agreement would enable controls on items such as noise, the size and type of fence, the size of the facility including the backyard, and the number of dogs, because not everyone would be as "capable" as Ms. Chernin, she said.

"That will ensure that every Tom, Dick and Harry who likes dogs won’t set up a doggy day care," Ms. Fougere said.

Permitting the businesses could be a "very good thing," she said.

"The hard part is allaying the fears of people who kind of look at this and say, ‘I never want that next (door) to me!’ But with the right controls in place and input from those folks, you can provide a good business."

Ms. Chernin is in favour of proceeding in tandem with the city.

"I’ve been saying since Day 1 that there need to be rules and regulations. It was never my intent to break a municipal law.

"So I look forward to working with HRM to establish these types of checks and balances."

Another doggy day-care owner said Tuesday that she is encouraged by the progress made on Ms. Chernin’s case.

"It’s very promising," said Wendy Gillespie, whose Pampered Paws Inn on Hammonds Plains Road was hit with a similar charge recently. She was told to comply or face closure.

Ms. Gillespie has received an extension until the end of the summer to put together an application to possibly amend the bylaw and zoning that governs her business.

Attending the public hearing Monday night at city hall was helpful, she said.

"I feel a lot better about what the outcome might be," she said.

Although city staff weren’t able to find too many cities across Canada that had laws governing doggy day cares, both business owners are keen for the municipality to take the lead.

"Basically, we might be the catalyst for doing our own thing here in Halifax," Ms. Gillespie said.

"And there’s definitely a need."

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I Finally joined Facebook

My Dad sent me an article today about how Facebook has added a component called "Dogbook" - so I figured I should finally join up = which I did tonight. So now I've found another new way to completely waste time! haha!

So here's my handle on Facebook - and my handle on Dogbook - so if you need a friend - and don't we all? I need one too! haha!

I of course know very little about Facebook - so I don't know if you already have to be a member in order to view my page - hopefully I'll learn more as I go along....

If there's something I can click on so everyone can view the page - hopefully I'll find the button I can click on soon.

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that there's also groups on Facebook like there is on Dogster and Yahoo - and I found a couple for Halifax dog fanciers - the one's I found so far are HRM's Proposed Bylaw A300 and Canine City - a place to meet other dog owners in the HRM

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some pictures of some smiles today

I don't know why, but today just about all the pictures I took today of the dogs seemed to be catching them smiling.

Maybe it's because it was pretty warm out at my Dad's cottage - and you know how when dogs are panting - it makes them look like they're smiling.

Or maybe it's because they like it so much out at my Dad's cottage.

I also got some cute pictures of a squirrel at the bird feederButtercup was not very happy with the idea that she was INSIDE while I was OUTSIDE taking pictures of the squirrel!