Thursday, July 19, 2007

Video of Daisy's First 5 Minutes of Freedom & My New Fence

Today was a good day - the fence guys came and finished the fence, I went around the entire periphery and filled in all the spots where the dogs could possibly get out from underneath - including Buttercup - and there were lots of those kinds of spots - some spots I think a horse could get through, but luckily I've got TONS of rocks on the property - so all the holes are now filled and the property is now secured. Except for people throwing junk over the fence (which a couple things HAVE been tossed over) - the dogs are now safe - and that feels very good.

Daisy hasn't come inside since I've taken off her long line. She's just laying down on the grass, quietly laying there, except for when a bicycle or a person of bad consideration walks by, and she lets the world know that somebody should be watching out. She's got a job to do. It's been a good day.

Here's a video that I took of the very first 5 minutes of Daisy's freedom - I have some text on the video - "imagine what it's like to eat grass on your lawn that you've never been able to eat the whole time you've lived on your property?" Imagine what that must taste like - I bet that grass tasted pretty sweet to Daisy today. And I'll bet that tonight she pooped in a completely different spot than she's ever pooped before. Way away from her usual pooping spot - just because she CAN.


  1. Awesome! Daisy does look very proud of herself, and Charlie was looking pretty content too!

  2. Yay, congratulations! Love the movies. I'm deaf and always enjoy an effort at captions. heehee

    I find that dogs may tend to mark territory at the edges of their perimeters, sometimes with their feces, so the pooping leaves a boundary saying, hey, I was here! :)

    Flockguardian breeds do this a good bit. If they get out of their fencing, they will mark outside their boundaries. ("Take that stupid coyote! Honor my landmarks!")

  3. I agree with the sentiments whole heartedly. After being a dog owner for 12 years, I miss having a dog as a companion, pet & friend. So now I like to hear about other people & their dogs.
    Daisy is strutting about proudly and she is gonna enjoy the lawn a lot more in the coming days.