Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Putting up a fence and interacting with neighbours

So I have committed an awful crime. I have to come clean I guess. I spent $2,500 and paid to have my land surveyed. And now I've gone and spent more than $5,000 and put up a fence. I have caused untold pain and hardship upon my neighbours. They have lived in their house for more than 50 years and have never had a problem until I moved in - and now all these problems. I've put up a fence. How awful.

And I walk my dogs in the woods off leash too, to top it all off - just about every day for the last 3 years that I've been living here. The woods up there are literally lined with dead bodies. Someone should go up there and check. That's where all the missing children are you know.

Please enjoy this video I took of todays events - I think you will REALLY enjoy it. I know the guys putting up the fence had quite a hoot all day long.


  1. That really sucks... that would stress me out to no end - hopefully they'll leave your fence alone.

    Post pix when it's done. :)

  2. Anonymous2:34 PM

    You know Joan, when I watched the video I was sad. Very sad. My heart ached. And because I do not think any human should be treated so disrespectfully by another without any major provocation. It is sometimes a sad world we live in. When I see or hear things like this, it makes me wonder about this human race. Joe.

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    It's a lovely day in the neighbourhood........
    No wonder you want a fence!

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Boy...she sounds very uneducated and mean and she's someone's mother...and grandmother...poor them!

    ang & nelson

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I feel your pain.. today I took my too well behaved dogs thru shubie... off leash ( mu bad I guess) and my 7 month Golden Ret walked up to a jogger to say hi.. the jogger freaked out and said get you dog off me or I'll kick it.. it's a attacking me... the dog was walking behind her as she ran... she was no where near attacking her.. I couldn't believe it.. I told her if she doesn't like dogs, then maybe she shouldn't run thru Shubie... her response was go to hell... what a wonderful person... ever run into someone that horrible on your walks?

  6. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I feel so bad. I have wonderful neighbours and just today we had some new neighbours with two kids move into the home only a few feet from our backyard. Since they have two kids and they have a backyard of only 7ft the kids will want to play in our yard. I was already considering putting up a fence because we have a 9 month old Westie, but it's almost definite now. I do not know how well behaved their kids are and I have known kids to throw rocks my old American Cocker, so instead of having bad feelings by trying the kids out I think it'll be better by stopping it from the get go. Everyone is intitled to their privacy. The old lady in the video is probably not used to how things are changing this day an age. I know the feeling of being dicriminated aganist when I have my Westie. I cannot take her anywhere and have been told to leave because I have her in my arms or a front carrier. There are going to ignorant people wherever you go. I guess I'll just have to try and ignore them. They are just trying to get a rise out of us dog lovers. I know I personally do not want to ever know or speak to the rude people who do not like our dogs. Do not give them the time of day. P.S. HRM is having more dog parks soon so please hold on it's coming.