Sunday, July 15, 2007

This is why I have my website

I went to Value Village for a couple minutes today - and when I came out, the van next to me had this hanging out it's driver's window.
A little white dog with almost his whole body stuck out the driver's side window. This is exactly why I have my "Charlie loves Halifax" website. So that people don't have to leave their dogs at home or in the car. I wish these people would've known they could have taken their dog with them into Value Village.
What a shame for this little guy. I'm sure this is the normal position for this guy whenever his owners leave him in the car. He seemed quite calm and collected sitting there - like as if he was quite used to being there. It was foggy and humid today out in Bayer's Lake and not particularly hot - so he wouldn't have been cooking in that van - it was just too bad that he had to be left in the car.

He was left behind and not able to do his job - being a companion to his owners. And that's the reason why I have my website - so that people can spend as much time with their dogs as they want to - even take them shopping and add even more and better socialization skills - and make healthier and happier dogs. Because I don't think this little guy was feeling particularly healthy. But I'm quite sure Buttercup was pretty happy.


  1. Just curious but are dogs allowed in these stores? Personally I think it is OK for a maximum of 5 minutes to pick up something but other then that a dog should never be left inside of a car.

    1. Anonymous10:15 AM

      In hot weather it is never ok for 5 minutes..not to mention that it's often more than 5 minutes..even you think it isn' 5 minutes in the heat, even with the windows cracked, a dog can start dying. Do not take your dog with you if you can't keep it with you. Period. Would you leave a baby in the car in the heat for 5 minutes? Get real.

  2. that is brutal

    like the blog