Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tonight was the first time - maybe in his life - that I left Charlie by himself. Well actually he was alone at times for a few months when the husband and I had split up and he had Leonard and I had Charlie and I still hadn't started doing rescue - that's when Charlie got really sick and depressed and gained 30 lbs - so he obviously doesn't like being alone. But tonight I left him alone to take the 3 dogs out to exercise them all at once. Daisy had been just going absolutely crackers so I took them all down to the Dingle. I don't think I'll do that too often though - Charlie doesn't deserve to be left all one just because he's an invalid. There's enough of us so that he's always got some company - even if that company is Teddy. haha! Poor Charlie!

This is a picture of Daisy that I took on the weekend that I hadn't noticed was a really cute one of her.

This is a picture that I had to take of Buttercup in the back dash of the car when I was picking up a prescription tonight at the pharmacy. She keeps the top of her head actually pressed up against the glass on the back window looking for me while I'm wherever it is I am. And then when she sees me she starts pawing at the back trying to get out. So she looks pretty cute because the top of her head is all flat since it's pressed up against the window. Is that cute or what?

My Dogs AKA the Media Whores

I cut out articles from the newspaper whenever one of the dog's have appeared in them - my parent's would call this wall the "Rogues Gallery". The oldest one is from 1999 when we just happened to be in the shot of someone taking a picture at Point Pleasant Park, and the newest is from last Saturday when Buttercup and I just happened to be at the Metro Dog Wash. I've been interviewed a ton of times and none of those are on the wall - only the pictures have made it onto the wall. Most of them are of Buttercup - I wonder why? Maybe it's because she's the most beautiful dog in the world...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Buttercup's in the paper today!

When Buttercup was getting her bath on Saturday at the Metro Dog Wash there was a photographer there from the Chronicle Herald who took a couple pictures of her and the article was in the paper today. She is beautiful wet and dry!

Self-serve goes canine at dog wash

Metro dog owners can now roll up their sleeves and suds up their puppy without worrying about cleaning up afterwards.

Metro’s largest strictly self-serve dog wash opened its doors May 13.

Terri Henson, owner of Metro Dog Wash, has a background in geology and computer sciences and worked in the IT industry for years before starting her new business. She said her dramatic career change has been a good decision so far.

"I have not regretted one day of leaving my desk job."

Ms. Henson points out that a self-serve dog wash is not a new concept — there are even dog groomers in Nova Scotia that already provide similar services on a smaller scale.

Elaine’s Poodle Parlour in Cole Harbour has one tub dedicated to self-serve dog washing, and The House of Dogs in Halifax devotes one day a week to a similar service. But Metro Dog Wash is a larger facility and is solely self-serve.

"I think the difference here is that because I have six tubs you can come anytime, no appointment necessary."

Ms. Henson also says the service is appealing because, aside from the convenience of not having to clean up, some dogs are only comfortable having their owners handle them.

Each station is equipped with a cold-air blow-dryer, comb, brush, and professional grooming products. There are also buzzers at each tub, so customers can call staff if they need help, and each tub has restraints that clip to the dogs’ collars to keep them from jumping out. The fixtures also only produce warm or cold water to prevent owners from accidentally scalding their dogs.

So far, Ms. Henson says the dog wash has received a good response.

"It’s pretty handy being next to the Commons — I’ve already got some dirty dogs who found a puddle on their way home and need to get clean."

Renovations on the Cunard Street shop began in March, and took almost two months to complete. But Ms. Henson says despite the "long, dirty days" and money involved in the work, she is happy with the end result.

She is still building up the retail section of business, which offers dog toys and accessories, and has recently reached an arrangement with a local baker of organic dog treats.

Since opening, Ms. Henson has increased the prices a bit but only because she underestimated the cost and time involved in cleaning the tubs between dogs.

"Cleaning a tub can get pretty dirty. . . . There are some dirty dogs in Halifax."

To lather up at Metro Dog Wash, owners fork over $19 for most dogs, $16 for short-haired toy dogs, or $26 for dogs with thick coats. Discounts are offered to service dogs and recently adopted dogs.

Though they are open seven days a week, Ms. Henson says the weekend is the busiest time.

She has already hired one part-time person and another employee who will start grooming dogs by appointment next month.

While Ms. Henson is not a dog owner, she loves being around the animals and says she finds her new job very satisfying.

"It’s rewarding to have created something that is pleasing so many people."

Monday, May 29, 2006

Some Great Pictures from Yesterday

I am in a not very good mood because of things that have nothing to do with dogs and had a huge headache today but I had to put these great pictures that I took yesterday - the dogs are starting to go completely ape shit from Charlie's infirmity and Daisy not being able to wrestle with Charlie is having a bad trickle down effect on the rest of the crew. Luckily Charlie's surgery is scheduled for next Monday June 5th - so the sooner he gets cut open the sooner his healing can begin.Have I said lately how much I love my new camera?
This is Buttercup barking at the neighbours...but she's always doing that.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dogkisser "Business" News

To the left is Karma modelling one of the necklaces made at the Dogkisser factory - his Mom has a blog that's called "Unmuzzled - Opinions, rants, and Observations"

Dogkisser isn't just a completely inane blog - it's also a completely inept business! I bet you didn't know that! Well today I had the great pleasure of sending out the following announcement email:

Charlie, Daisy, Buttercup, and Teddy are very happy to announce that the the dehydrated liver treats that somehow keep disappearing from the cupboard that they guard so carefully are now going to be sold exclusively at the Metro Dog Wash which recently opened at 6021 Cunard Street in Halifax!

Terri Henson has opened a self serve dog wash facility that is a beauty to behold - on Saturday I took Buttercup in and gave her a bath - much to her dismay - you can see her will to live go down the drain if you'd like at - but Terri also has dedicated the other half of her space to selling great dog gear and has tried to sell as much local stuff as she can - and that now includes MY liver, necklaces, and 2 dog leashes!

If you need to refresh yourself on what all my stuff is about you can go to - it lists the hours of operation for Metro Dog Wash and a map to the store as well - you can also go to their website as well - which is at

I'm also going to be at the SPCA's dog jog on June 4th at Shubie park in Dartmouth selling my stuff - the liver has gone up to $5.00 a pack - and at the dog jog on June 4th - every bag sold will have $1 donated to the Dartmouth SPCA.

Thanks for reading all the way to this point! And thank-you to Terri for selling local dog products!

Joan and Charlie and Daisy and Buttercup and Teddy - and Liam the rat bastard cat who is also obsessed with liver

Buttercup was to the beauty parlour today

Me and Buttercup went to the Metro Dog Wash today to check it out and drop off some liver because they're going to sell the dehydrated liver that I make and while I was there I thought I'd give Buttercup a bath.

I was very impressed with the set-up. Buttercup - not so much.... but I think she liked it a whole lot more than having it done in the kitchen sink!

The owner Terri was hugely obliging and took pictures of the whole debacle - you can look at poor Buttercup's sorry state at - the whole price of admission was worth the hair dryer. I LOVED the hair dryer. That was SUPER.

I am becoming obsessed with my pleco

Horrified, yet at the same time - tittilated - is the phrase made famous by the Codco ladies. And it's appropriate here too. My pleco, which I got to clean the algae in my fish tank - is fascinating me. He/she is like a creature from outer space, and I can't take my eyes off it. It sucks things, and has wings on it's sides, and fake eyes. Why would he need fake eyes? I have NO idea...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reality is sinking in

I was on the phone tonight for 45 minutes with my friend Janet who's rottie Ursa has had both knees done and she has thoroughly given me the gears about Charlie and what I can expect is going to happen and what he's going through and what I should be doing and what must be done.

For anyone who knows Janet - and just about anyone who owns a dog in the Halifax Regional Municipality does - you know that she is very good at telling you what must be done! haha! And she won't mind me saying that!She DID give Buttercup this very stylish cashmere sweater though, that was a sweater that she wore when she herself was a little baby. It fits Buttercup PERFECTLY.

So I'm learning that Charlie has to be kept completely immobile and after his surgery he's going to have to be even more quiet. Our lifestyle is going to have to completely change. No more walks or anything at all for months to come.

Tonight I took Buttercup and Teddy down to Point Pleasant Park and tomorrow I'm going to take Daisy somewhere. I can't bear to leave Charlie at home by himself, so I'm going to have to leave someone at home with him. I guess I'm going to get a lot of exercise. Daisy is going to go crazy not having anyone to wrestle with - and poor Charlie - not being able to wrestle! I feel so bad for them.

I took this picture of Buttercup when I was preparing their supper tonight - I love it when she gives me this face.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's hard getting old

We hadn't gone out for a run since Charlie tore his ACL on Monday, which is not a good thing - especially for Buttercup. She's got bad knees too called "luxating patella" which is a thing that small dogs get and if she doesn't get exercise for a couple days in a row her back legs will start to seize up and her legs will start giving out on her which is a horrible thing to watch. It's awful in the wintertime when the snow drifts are high and it's hard for her to get around.

Back yard exercise just isn't cutting it for them - so I tried to take them to the Dingle - I thought the flat walkways down there might be okay for Charlie to walk on on-leash and everyone else could just run around - but they're shooting a movie down there as it turns out and the place was packed with hoy-faloys - so I didn't even stop the car and we went to the Frog Pond instead.

But it was a disaster. Poor Charlie kept losing his balance and falling down because he'd go on 3 legs and fall over. He even went face first into the water when he went in for a drink. And he was crying because everyone was running after stuff and he was on leash - although Daisy was also on leash because in a public park Daisy is an on-leash dog. Only Buttercup and Teddy were off-leash, but that was enough for Charlie to get all upset.

So I think until Charlie has his surgery I'm going to have to leave him at home when I take everyone else out. Poor Charlie. It's going to really suck to be him.

Teddy says: We've stopped moving - so that means I get to come up now, right?

These pictures are of my newest fish tank member - a "pleco" - it's the creepiest thing in the world! It's an algae eater and it's something right out of the movie "Alien". I can hardly bear to look at him but I guess he's great for eating algae. I get the chills just thinking about him. The other picture is one of my platy babies. Isn't he/she cute?!?

OT: A Neat Hawaiian Blog about Knitting

I live a bit vicariously through the internt sometimes - I sew and do crafts - but I've never knitted, even though I'd love to learn. I shake too much to knit though - so I've never really attempted it - I've just stuck to crocheting instead - but I found a neat knitting blog today by a lady who lives in Hawaii and she's also got a dog. To live in Hawaii, have dog and be organized enough to have time to actually finish a craft project... can you imagine what a charmed life that would be? Here's the link if you'd like to live vicariously too! - unfortunately it doesn't have a catchy name - Crafty skills + art degree + tipsy, chain-smoking muse. The blog of MK Carroll, fiber artist and designer

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Charlie won't be doing any wrestling for awhile

Charlie went to see his vet today - who happens to be the very famous television personality Dr. Carnegy.

Charlie has in fact severed his anterior cruciate ligament on his back left leg and needs to have surgery. I was given an estimate of $943 - so I'm going to need to sell a lot of liver in the next couple weeks while we wait for his surgery date.

He's on Metacam right now for the pain, so hopefully he won't be too uncomfortable while we wait - but the hugely sucky thing is that he can't exercise - so there won't be any adventures for a while. So I guess I'll be getting a lot of yard work done.

Poor Charlie.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Why do "Shelters" Kill and not Shelter Animals?

Philip Posted by Picasa

What I am going to talk about is not happening in some far off place. It is happening here in the Halifax Regional Municipality and in every town in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It has almost happened to several dogs who have come through the doors of my house and through the doors of almost every house of every "rescuer" I know. I've put the word "rescuer" in parentheses for a reason because I consider the word "rescuer" different than the word "shelter".

That's because locally - "shelters" kill animals who come through their doors, whereas "rescuers" attempt to pull those same animals who are about to BE killed before their kill date.

Why is that? Why is this happening? Why has nobody told you about this before? Why am I talking about this now?

The answer to all these questions is very simple and at the same time is what "shelters" deal with on a moment by moment basis day in and day out 365 days a year.

The reason I've decided to talk about it is because I had a conversation with someone yesterday who said that they were at the Dartmouth SPCA on Saturday to pick up a dog to take somewhere and there was a line-up of people OUT THE DOOR who were there to try and visit the dogs and cats and maybe adopt one of them. The place was an absolute zoo. You couldn't move in there for all the people. That to me speaks volumes. I could write a 1000 words just on that. Probably more. Obviously the shelter is too small - there needs to be off-site visitations started immediately so that the process can be expanded, processes need to be simplified - Saturdays need to be focussed on as a day of just visitations with the animals, etc., etc.,.... and I do not think that I am inventing the wheel here.

The 2nd thing is that when I heard that about Saturday it made me sick to my stomach because I know the statistics about the Dartmouth SPCA - that TWENTY TWO PERCENT of the animals that come into that shelter DIE IN THAT SHELTER. And I mean to be hollering in that sentence. If people are lining up out the door in order to adopt animals out of that shelter - animals should not be dying! PERIOD! I am shaking as I write this.

And I've got to say this next sentence because I've got to get this out right now. I think that the Provinical SPCA does have to get their hands off of the Dartmouth shelter so that they can start to clean it up again - because as far as I'm concerned a 22% euthanization rate is abysmal. If it continues to be that high now that they don't have the animal control contract anymore - I think that the place should just be shut down. But then again there is the Cape Breton SPCA to think about as well.... with their 55% kill rate.... but now I'm getting off track....

I don't think that the public at large realizes that "shelters" don't actually rehabilitate and repair the lost and abandoned animals of the Halifax Regional Municipality. They only "shelter" dogs they think will be perfect pets for stupid people. Dogs and cats that have any sign of having any problems are deemed "unadoptable" and are sent straight to a "better places where no one can hurt them ever again". Or if they're very lucky - they'll sign them over to a "rescuer" or a "rescue organization" - who takes on all culpability if anything bad happens - and the dog gets to live a new life under the auspices of a foster home or a new forever home thanks to the "rescue" that agreed to take on whatever imperfections the "shelter" thinks makes the animal "deemed unadoptable" and therefore worthy of being killed.

There's also some shelters who kill because they run out of space - the Cape Breton SPCA kills a lot of dogs because they say they have no space for all the dogs coming in.

This isn't just an HRM problem or a Nova Scotia problem or a Cape Breton problem - it's an endemic problem worldwide to shelters everywhere. It's not the fault of the shelter workers. It's an attitude problem. It's an education problem. It's an inertia problem. It's a tragedy. It's taking the easy way out. It's Sue Sternberg saying - If you've got 20 dogs coming in today and you've only got 12 spaces - this is how you make the space. It's creating her perfect world of only having under 35 pound dogs with only issues populating the landscape. But then you'll have a world bull of Buttercup's and Teddy's and no Charlie's - and for anyone who's ever met Charlie or Philip's, Teddy and Buttercup - you'll no that's no world you'll ever want to be in.


On a very worrisome note though - at the beach today Charlie yelped really loud and stopped using his back left leg - I am completely terrified that he has torn his ACL. Something back there has even started to swell since we've gotten home. He is going to the vet as soon as we can get an appointment. I am absolutely sick. My head is already pounding from a headache just thinking about the ramifications.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Grossest Thing In the World

.... that would never occur to you until it happens to you...

The grossest thing in the world is to have a food aggressive dog guarding another dog's puke so that you can't clean it up because he wants to eat it.

Another little snapshot of life with my little poodle Teddy.

So what do you do? Distract him with something even MORE tasty than puke. And then VERY gently guide him away with your foot - otherwise your foot is going to get bitten.

You think I Write Strong Stuff about Dogs?

There's a blog that's written by a lady up in Ontario that's about the dog politics going on up there currently = the legal challenge, the pit bull ban, the discrimation that's going on at street level, the difficulties that people are facing on a day to day basis. It's called "Caveat" and is written by a lady named Selma, and she's got NOTHING on me. I get in shit for what I write and you people at work don't understand what I write about at all - well, take a gander at this lady's stuff.

Here's a post that I read today - it's entitled "How Dare you" - and this blog gets as many hits as mine and this lady is very highly respected in the Canadian breed specific legislation world:

Hey Idiots!

How dare you impugn the Only Friend to Man? Where do you get the jam to bully a species who is unable to respond to your attacks? Why are you bullying those who cannot defend themselves? If you've got the guts, try it with me. I doubt you have.

How dare you libel, slander and otherwise cast aspersions on the beings who have chosen to live with, and have tolerated the stupidity of, the humans for 50,000 years?

How dare you try to dictate what is and what is not acceptable among my friends, while not holding yourselves to the same high standard? You are the violent ones, you are the selfish ones, you are the ones who suddenly snap without warning. You are also the ones who are cluttering up the globe.

Is your hate campaign against the innocent a manifestation of your overbreeding? Is it that there is now fierce competition for resources, and that dogs, as beings who eat protein, are now in competition for that valuable resource? Or is it that you have hunted the predators to extinction and near-extinction all over the world and there is nothing left to shoot, hate or fear? Come on, primates, you hideous hairless monkeys wrapped in cloth, what is it? Come clean, spit it out, at least be honest.

How dare you let hypocrisy dictate what is and is not tolerable and play to gallery, ie, the lowest common denominator in society?

How dare you KowTow to religious groups who are still living in the 13th century and who, by the way, have no intolerance of Man's Only Friend, if you read the books?

How dare you single out a certain shape of friend, one who is unaware of his shape or or of your stupid primate reasoning which is based only on self-advancement, for discriminatory, stigmatory and unwarranted hatred?

How dare you insinuate that my friends have an agenda, are predisposed to violence, are recidivist and incapable of rehabilitation, when you are, in fact, describing yourself?

Hey, so-called journalists! Why do you think that regurgitating releases from Canada Newswire et al entitles you to a paycheque? Do you remember Woodward and Bernstein? Do you remember Rolling Stone? Are you so bereft of integrity that you don't care, or do you still have a modicum of same and lie awake at night, regretting what you do?

Hey, idiot on the street! Don't you remember when the very thought of picking on dogs would have elicited laughter, if not mockery, from the general population? Are you so convinced, or is it your wish, that there is such a thing as security and safety that you are willing to forego your knowledge so that it may be replaced by propaganda, which, as we all know, only benefits the propagandist and will leave you swinging in the wind?

How dare you make me mad? How dare you waste my time? How dare you criticize my friends, the Only Friends to Man?

Mess with the dogs, you mess with me, MoFos.

I'm a tee-totaller compared to some in the world of rants!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Love my new Canon Power Shot A620!

I've had a Canon Power Shot A80 for the last 2 years, but it's been getting kind of old lately and the pictures haven't seemed to be as crisp and seemed to be turning kind of dark lately. So I've been stalking the digital camera sections of stores lusting after new cameras and last night somehow some kind munificence shone down on me and I've now got a fabulous new camera.

A 7.1 mega pixel beauty with 4x optical zoom and 20 different shooting modes. The dogs are going to go completely blind from all the flashes going on. I'm currently having some software issues, but hopefully I'll get that worked out in the next day or so and I'll be flying. I'm in love!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This is a blow-up from a picture I took yesterday. Daisy is really so photogenic, isn't she? She can make a bad day just go away with one look.
I love to take pictures of Charlie. He is always so obliging.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Who is Guilty?

Somebody ate a kilogram of dry cat food while I was at work today. When I came home there was an empty bag sitting in the middle of the living room floor where when I left for work this morning there had been a full bag sitting on the kitchen counter.

I'm sure there was collusion from the rat bastard Liam, because he likes to get into things and then he knocks them onto the floor - and then the dogs take over from there.

I took these pictures when I got home. I think everyone's looking a little bit guilty.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

From a 5 to a 10 & Now a 20 gallon tank...

5 gallon
10 gallon
20 gallon
I am definitely stopping at 20 gallons!

After Christmas I got a sick betta fish and some white cloud minnows to keep him moving around. He died, so I went and got another sick betta because I for some reason can't just go and buy an animal. It's not in my constitution - I also got his tankmate - a little baby platy. Unfortunately a few weeks later he also died, which was a real heartbreak for me because he had seemed to be doing really well and he was very pretty. But I now had 6 very healthy white cloud minnows and 1 platy in a 5 gallon tank.

The platy was growing very quickly and I thought he/she must be getting lonely all by him/herself so I went to my co-workers store that he opens on the weekend - "Tom's Tropicals" over in Dartmouth - it seems like everyone who is into fish locally knows Tom, which is really neat. So I got 4 more platys for $10.00 - and 2 little guppy's somehow also made it into the bag.

Coming from a goldfish background where you need at least 15 gallons for one fish, that seemed to be too many fish for a 5 gallon tank - so in came the 10 gallon tank.

Meanwhile another co-worker - it seems like quite a few of my co-workers have mysteriously picked up the fish husbandry hobby! - has had guppy babies, and she said when they were big enough she'd give me a couple - so I was looking forward to another couple new family members - and then hallelujah - my platys had babies!

So long story short - I've traded my 10 gallon tank for a 20 gallon this weekend and I've now got 6 white cloud minnows, 5 platys, 7 guppies, and at least 4 platy babies - and it took me most of Friday night to catch those platy babies and move them to the new tank. Try catching little living creatures who are the size of a piece of rice in a net that's probably big enough to catch Teddy. It took awhile to catch 4 of those little pieces of orange rice.

A note: I got the tank through the message board at the East Coast Aquarium Society, and I met a couple of really neat people - who I had seen one time when I was at Tom's store over in Dartmouth. It really is a small world. While I was at their house they showed me all their tanks and I learned a ton of stuff about fish and stuff and then went for a great walk with the dogs afterward because they live right next to a hiking trail next to the Waverley Road. It was a great evening all the way around!

Happy Mother's Day to Daisy, Buttercup & My Mother!

The dogs' present to their grandmother - a handmade t-shirt that says "we love our grammie!"

Both Daisy and Buttercup were unfortunate enough to not be spayed by their previous owners and thus procreated before they came to me. Daisy's happened because she was chained to a dog house for the entirety of her life - so anything that passed by her basically had their way with her, and Buttercup since she's small and beautiful was probably bred on purpose. I'd be willing to bet her puppies were equally enthralling - and have equally bad back legs and bad attitudes towards other dogs and humans coming upon us on our walks. I've seen pictures of Daisy's last litter and they look nothing like her but look mostly shepherd, but I've heard reports that they turned into lovely dogs.

At supper tonight with my parents my father lamented the fact that not even one of their children didn't turn out "retarded". But you'd have to understand my family's sense of humour in order to know that this is in fact a term of endearment and was part of a larger joke. And people wonder why I'm always getting in trouble for the things I say and write? I would say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We did have a lovely supper though at "Quincy's on Quinpool" and the all the dogs enjoyed the leftovers - although Buttercup wasn't too fond of the pan fried haddock. (That's a note to next year, Mom)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I've got quite a few fish now!

A co-worker gave me some of her guppy babies today - 7 of them! So now I have 9 guppy's, 6 white cloud minnows, 5 platys, and 3 platy babies. I'm a fish machine. I redid my tank on the weekend so it's more fish friendly - I moved the java moss around so it's spread out because I guess fish like to leave their babies in the java moss because it gives them a place to hide. I also put in a couple more rocks and put spaces in for the fish to hide in and swim through - and I also put in a big piece of driftwood. Everyone's been swimming around and munching away ever since.

I'd say I've got a pretty happy fish tank currently - I also put a sponge over the intake tube of my filter once I had babies - I was worried that they would get sucked up in the filter which one of them DID - I was missing one and I took the filter apart and sure enough - he was swimming around on the bottom of the filter and he was still alive - I was so happy! I was expecting him to be dead after his journey - but he wasn't. It was a good day.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Unenlightened BSL in New Brunswick

In case you didn't realize, or had forgotten - this is what a rottweiller looks like!

In 2004/2005 we all worked hard and fought long and the government of New Brunswick made the right choice and saw the truth of the fact that breed specific legislation was stupid and wrong. I myself wrote a submission to the public hearings that went on up there and talked about Daisy. And unlike Ontario last year - New Brunswick based their decision on the fact presented to them and wrote their legislation about dangerous dogs instead of targeting certain breeds. All responsible dog owners rejoiced because New Brunswick appeared to be such an enlightened province!

And then this week we hear about the case in Florenceville (which calls itself the french fry capital of the world) - the home of the huge corporation - McCain foods - about the case of Shire - a certified therapy dog - who also happens to be a rottweiller - just like my Daisy - who is under an eviction/death order, simply because of what he looks like.

And the most ridiculous part is that this family did absolutely everything correctly before they moved to this little town of 800 inhabitants and invested their hard earned money in the village's real estate. They called the town, bought dog tags, talked to the realtor, double checked everything - and were told over and over that there was no problem with any type of dogs - there was no BSL in Florenceville. And then within 2 days of moving into their house they were visited by Animal Control and told the dog had to go.

How can this happen in a province that has show itself to be so forward in regards to this topic? What is wrong with this little town?

If you live in New Brunswick I'd suggest you contact your MLA because as I'm sure you're aware the provincial legislature is teetering on the brink of an election, and this would be a fabulous time to make some noise. Bill 55 - which is the Restricted dogs Act in New Brunswick is a must read. Kelly Lamrock is the originator of that Act and would be a super person to contact I am sure - he's a Liberal MLA for Fredericton and his email address is

Here's some further info I got today from the DLCC: The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC) is heavily involved with this case. Shire is a 5 year old Rottweiler that has been trained to work with her mom Jane deWeerd in her work as a board certified child psychologist. In their years together, Shire has never done ANYTHING untoward to man or animal. She is a true ambassador for the breed. Her owners are truly responsible dog owners.

In April of this year, the family moved from Ontario to the sleepy town of Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. BEFORE they moved there, they had their real estate lawyer check the by laws regarding breed specific legislation (BSL). The estate agent was told by the town clerk, NO there were none.

When viewing homes, John deWeerd dropped into town hall and again asked about BSL. He was told all dogs were welcome and was issued a license for his ROTWEILLER (note the spelling). Three days into their new home ACO came knocking demanding the dog be removed from town or otherwise she would be euthanized.

This family is moving however their deep and abiding love of Shire and her breed has made not making a stand impossible. They are going to fight this and fight this in court. The DLCC team will be there hand in hand working behind the scenes to ensure this family will no longer be alone in their fight to save their dog.

Please sign the below petition.

For any of you who may have not heard of our current dilemma with Shire and the village of Florenceville, there are some details in the link. There are also copies of Jane's CBC Radio and Woodstock Bugle-Observer articles at

All support for this petition is appreciated. Please forward this to anyone you know. To sign the petition, go to

Bully Bowl-a-thon

Today was the Nova Scotia portion of the Banned-Aid-Coalitions Bully Bowl-a-thon. It was over in Dartmouth and was put on by the Dog Legislation Council of Canada. My team was sponsored by "PAWS4Health Enterprises" and we called our selves - "Us Terriers are Bowling for the PAWS-A-Bull-ities!" - and I made us up t-shirts with one of the team members dogs on it. I also made up t-shirts for one of the other teams - so it was a colourful day.

The DLCC raised almost $6,000 today for the legal challenge to end the pit bull ban up in Ontario - which is absolutely awesome I think! Let's see how much Ontario can raise next week when they hold their bowl-a-thons!

One amazing thing about today was the fact that Buttercup ran out of the house as I was leaving and jumped into the car and dog-damned it if she would let me get her out. So I had to take her with me to the bowl-a-thon with me. For the first 2 rounds I left her in the car, and when we took a break I went out and let her out for a pee, and once again - she wouldn't get back in that fan-damn car. So I bundled her up in a blanket, went into the bowling alley and told my team mates that I had to go because Buttercup was telling me it was time to go home. As I was leaving the bowling alley manager and owner were at the door and they saw Buttercup's nose under the blanket and they started cooing and said - "we bring our dogs in here all the time!" "If you have a leash and you want to stay - go ahead"! So can you believe that? A dog-friendly bowling alley! I was in 7th heaven! Further proof that the world down here in Nova Scotia really is Shang-ri-la! Yea! And to top it off we were at a dog function!

So Buttercup got to go bowling! I think she knew all along that she was going to be making a strike for all dogs everywhere today!

One of the organizers of today's event - Janet Chernin, lamenting the fact that she spent all the past week making herself pretty and getting sponsors - rather than practicing her bowling technique! haha!

They also had the most amazing things up for silent auction - and a note to all you people up in Ontario - if they have the Zeus print for auction - make sure you put a bid in, because it's GORGEOUS. They even had free food.

The DLCC really knows how to put on a shin-dig. And I have to give a kudos to Lisa Davis who won the 50/50 draw - it's always neat when the person who wins that donates their cut back to the charity - and in this case it was $91.00 - which is a lot of money. I wouldn't have done it, I would've driven straight down the road and spent it all at the Moir's chocolate factory!

This is the graphic I made for the back of Lisa's shirt who has Duncan, Delta and Oscar - I really liked it and think it says everything that needs to be said!

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

My Fish had Babies! Pictures & Robin Sharma

I've been away from the computer for the last day or so I'm catching up with some pictures. I had to post this picture that I artsed and fartsed up that I took last Friday of Charlie at the stunted bonsai tree at Prospect Bay. I think it's a very pretty picture.

My platys have had babies! I'm so excited - I'm a grandmother. I've only seen one so far, but my fish friends have said there's probably more hiding in my java moss. These 2 are probably the parents because they've been guarding the java moss pretty tightly. Platys are live bearers - they give birth to live babies, whereas my white cloud minnows give birth to eggs. Which they then eat. Yuck

This picture was also taken last Friday at Prospect Bay and is cut from a larger picture - it's Teddy in a rare moment outside of my arms - you can tell he's not too happy about it.

Last night I went out to Chapter's in Bayer's Lake to see Robin Sharma - it has nothing to do with dogs - I don't even know if he likes dogs. I wonder what he thinks about dogs. Anyway - the first book of his I ever read was in 1994 and it was called "Megaliving - 30 Days to a Perfect Life" - how could you NOT buy a book with a title like that? Especially when the person writing the book is from Halifax and is from your alma mater? He's come a long way since that book and on his website today doesn't even mention that title anymore. I think it was pretty much self-published and is probably a collector's item now. His most famous book so far is "The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari" which I also read and is a Deepak Chopra knock off pretty much - who I also like, but you only have to read that kind of book once if you know what I mean. One thing was - I couldn't get over how short he was - you always expect people to be a lot taller than you when you see people for the first time. I'll bet you that I could pick Robin Sharma up and throw him about 6 feet across the floor if he'd let me. He's just a little fella. I don't think he could walk my 4 dogs and not be dragged around like a rag doll.