Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun Stuff to do coming up

There's quite a few fun things to do coming up - so I thought I'd point them out -
Here's a first (that I've heard of) locally, that I have always thought was a good idea - Yoga with your dog! Yay! A Yoga instructor who does stuff with local lab rescue has started a "DOGA" class - we've missed the first class - but you can do a drop in for the remaining classes - which are being held at the Russell Lake Animal Hospital - information is on the photo to the left - click on it to learn more - it costs $15 per class - sounds like a ton of fun
2nd Chance Charity for Animals has moved on to the next level with their meow mixers - they have been having huge flea markets where local cat rescues can make extra money - and now, on Saturday February 11th they're hosting local cat rescues to have a super adoption day at 276 Windmil Road - Farrell Hall - the site of their previous successful yard sales.

Several local cat rescues will be showcasing the kittens and cats they have for adoption - as well as selling some new and used quality items.

It is fabulous that finally the local cat rescue community is working together to highlight kittens and cats that need to be adopted.

In that vein - the Cat Rescue Coalition of Nova Scotia has started a recruiting drive - they're calling it "1000 voices" - they're looking for 1,000 people to sign up - "they believe they need to speak in one voice to get the attention of municipal and provincial governments and other organizations. The CRCNS site can be a living petition against the neglect and abuse of cats in our community"

Go to their website at - and sign up if you care about cats in Nova Scotia

Global Pet Stores continues on with their philanthropic supremecy and is holding their 5th annual "Show us your heart" fundraising campaign - and this year they're raising money for local rescue Litters n Critters.

This year there are three easy ways to make a donation to Show Us Your Heart: (1) Visit Global Pet Foods from Feb.1-14 to donate, (2) Text “HEART” to 20222 to donate $5 and (3) Make a donation through PayPal on Facebook and you’ll be entered in a draw to win 1 of 5 $100 Global Pet Foods gift cards.

Since 2005 Global Pets has made over 250,000 for homeless pets with this campaign so that's pretty awesome - I know that whenever I go to any function - Global has always donated some item - so they are very generous to local rescue - which is just one of the many reasons to spend money at their stores!

Lastly - don't forget about the annual GPAC Doggie Expo 2012 that's coming up in February - keep your Sunday February 19, 2012 open from 10am to 3pm - the event is being held once again at the Halifax Forum - the day is always packed to the rafters with people and dogs with tons of great stuff to buy - it's a highlight of the year!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where have I been?

I haven't posted in awhile and I'm getting emails from people asking where I am and whether or not I'm okay.

The dogs are okay, still in love and playing like crazy - although I'm thinking seriously about getting a 3rd dog to even out the playing field - a smaller dog than either Bubby or Buttercup - but I'm going to take my time looking so it's not going to happen overnight.

I've never hidden the fact that I have bipolar disorder and have somewhat shared my struggles when they've come up on this blog - and I've been having major struggles in the last month or so - I've started having really debilitating panic attacks that have affected every part of my life and I haven't been on the computer hardly at all, in fact it's been something I've been avoiding - not answering emails, not making blog posts, not keeping up with what's going on.

I'm still struggling with what my future is in the internet game because Bubby is so un-dog friendly currently, and maybe always will be because of his proclivities - and he never may be able to handle going out in public like Buttercup and Charlie could - so how can I have a huge website about dog friendly Halifax when I have a dog who isn't dog friendly?

The thing I always say is that you should do whatever your dog can handle - and Bubby can't handle going out in public - it's too overwhelming for him, and I don't know whether he'll be able to handle it.

So I'm dealing with that at the same time as I'm having the panic attacks - what is my future. And it may also be why I'm looking for another dog - and this one will have to be dog friendly - and that will take the pressure off of Bubby and he can have a happy life living a high quality existence of all that he can handle - being around tons of dogs, but not having to go to any kind of social event.

With panic attacks I don't think they are going to go away by just giving in to them and doing nothing. I've got to force myself to have a regular life because I am such a lucky person to have had a regular life even with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

I have good days and bad days, but I want to have a regular life, and give my dogs the best life they can have.

So I'm going to start posting again - I've got several to make in the next few days, we'll see how it goes.

ps - my eye surgery in December worked out better than in April - I'm still not 20/20, but I'm hoping that over time my vision is going to "crisp up" and I'll get to 20/20 - but it's pretty good - much better than it was before.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Local Pet TV Show looking for True Stories

I got an email today from a publicist at Best Boy Entertainment - a film company in Newfoundland - that they are casting for a television series called "Pet ER" - it's a show that's "a docudrama series featuring families struck by life-threatening pet medical emergencies followed by a race to save the lives of these beloved family members. The show explores the deep bond between families and their pets - the emotional and heartwarming series documents these true stories through dramatic re-enactments."

The show has a website at - where you can go and directly sign up - and they also have a facebook page that you can go and like.

I think it's fabulous that a local film company is doing a television series focused on companion animals and our love for them - and it would be really neat if people from the local area were picked to appear in the show - maybe even someone I know - now that would be neat!