Thursday, January 5, 2012

Local Pet TV Show looking for True Stories

I got an email today from a publicist at Best Boy Entertainment - a film company in Newfoundland - that they are casting for a television series called "Pet ER" - it's a show that's "a docudrama series featuring families struck by life-threatening pet medical emergencies followed by a race to save the lives of these beloved family members. The show explores the deep bond between families and their pets - the emotional and heartwarming series documents these true stories through dramatic re-enactments."

The show has a website at - where you can go and directly sign up - and they also have a facebook page that you can go and like.

I think it's fabulous that a local film company is doing a television series focused on companion animals and our love for them - and it would be really neat if people from the local area were picked to appear in the show - maybe even someone I know - now that would be neat!

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  1. I sent this to a friend who has had a rough time with her cats. One was hit by a golf ball and she's been to hell and back keeping this cat alive.