Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's hard getting old

We hadn't gone out for a run since Charlie tore his ACL on Monday, which is not a good thing - especially for Buttercup. She's got bad knees too called "luxating patella" which is a thing that small dogs get and if she doesn't get exercise for a couple days in a row her back legs will start to seize up and her legs will start giving out on her which is a horrible thing to watch. It's awful in the wintertime when the snow drifts are high and it's hard for her to get around.

Back yard exercise just isn't cutting it for them - so I tried to take them to the Dingle - I thought the flat walkways down there might be okay for Charlie to walk on on-leash and everyone else could just run around - but they're shooting a movie down there as it turns out and the place was packed with hoy-faloys - so I didn't even stop the car and we went to the Frog Pond instead.

But it was a disaster. Poor Charlie kept losing his balance and falling down because he'd go on 3 legs and fall over. He even went face first into the water when he went in for a drink. And he was crying because everyone was running after stuff and he was on leash - although Daisy was also on leash because in a public park Daisy is an on-leash dog. Only Buttercup and Teddy were off-leash, but that was enough for Charlie to get all upset.

So I think until Charlie has his surgery I'm going to have to leave him at home when I take everyone else out. Poor Charlie. It's going to really suck to be him.

Teddy says: We've stopped moving - so that means I get to come up now, right?

These pictures are of my newest fish tank member - a "pleco" - it's the creepiest thing in the world! It's an algae eater and it's something right out of the movie "Alien". I can hardly bear to look at him but I guess he's great for eating algae. I get the chills just thinking about him. The other picture is one of my platy babies. Isn't he/she cute?!?

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