Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reality is sinking in

I was on the phone tonight for 45 minutes with my friend Janet who's rottie Ursa has had both knees done and she has thoroughly given me the gears about Charlie and what I can expect is going to happen and what he's going through and what I should be doing and what must be done.

For anyone who knows Janet - and just about anyone who owns a dog in the Halifax Regional Municipality does - you know that she is very good at telling you what must be done! haha! And she won't mind me saying that!She DID give Buttercup this very stylish cashmere sweater though, that was a sweater that she wore when she herself was a little baby. It fits Buttercup PERFECTLY.

So I'm learning that Charlie has to be kept completely immobile and after his surgery he's going to have to be even more quiet. Our lifestyle is going to have to completely change. No more walks or anything at all for months to come.

Tonight I took Buttercup and Teddy down to Point Pleasant Park and tomorrow I'm going to take Daisy somewhere. I can't bear to leave Charlie at home by himself, so I'm going to have to leave someone at home with him. I guess I'm going to get a lot of exercise. Daisy is going to go crazy not having anyone to wrestle with - and poor Charlie - not being able to wrestle! I feel so bad for them.

I took this picture of Buttercup when I was preparing their supper tonight - I love it when she gives me this face.

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