Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tonight was the first time - maybe in his life - that I left Charlie by himself. Well actually he was alone at times for a few months when the husband and I had split up and he had Leonard and I had Charlie and I still hadn't started doing rescue - that's when Charlie got really sick and depressed and gained 30 lbs - so he obviously doesn't like being alone. But tonight I left him alone to take the 3 dogs out to exercise them all at once. Daisy had been just going absolutely crackers so I took them all down to the Dingle. I don't think I'll do that too often though - Charlie doesn't deserve to be left all one just because he's an invalid. There's enough of us so that he's always got some company - even if that company is Teddy. haha! Poor Charlie!

This is a picture of Daisy that I took on the weekend that I hadn't noticed was a really cute one of her.

This is a picture that I had to take of Buttercup in the back dash of the car when I was picking up a prescription tonight at the pharmacy. She keeps the top of her head actually pressed up against the glass on the back window looking for me while I'm wherever it is I am. And then when she sees me she starts pawing at the back trying to get out. So she looks pretty cute because the top of her head is all flat since it's pressed up against the window. Is that cute or what?

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