Wednesday, May 3, 2006

My Fish had Babies! Pictures & Robin Sharma

I've been away from the computer for the last day or so I'm catching up with some pictures. I had to post this picture that I artsed and fartsed up that I took last Friday of Charlie at the stunted bonsai tree at Prospect Bay. I think it's a very pretty picture.

My platys have had babies! I'm so excited - I'm a grandmother. I've only seen one so far, but my fish friends have said there's probably more hiding in my java moss. These 2 are probably the parents because they've been guarding the java moss pretty tightly. Platys are live bearers - they give birth to live babies, whereas my white cloud minnows give birth to eggs. Which they then eat. Yuck

This picture was also taken last Friday at Prospect Bay and is cut from a larger picture - it's Teddy in a rare moment outside of my arms - you can tell he's not too happy about it.

Last night I went out to Chapter's in Bayer's Lake to see Robin Sharma - it has nothing to do with dogs - I don't even know if he likes dogs. I wonder what he thinks about dogs. Anyway - the first book of his I ever read was in 1994 and it was called "Megaliving - 30 Days to a Perfect Life" - how could you NOT buy a book with a title like that? Especially when the person writing the book is from Halifax and is from your alma mater? He's come a long way since that book and on his website today doesn't even mention that title anymore. I think it was pretty much self-published and is probably a collector's item now. His most famous book so far is "The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari" which I also read and is a Deepak Chopra knock off pretty much - who I also like, but you only have to read that kind of book once if you know what I mean. One thing was - I couldn't get over how short he was - you always expect people to be a lot taller than you when you see people for the first time. I'll bet you that I could pick Robin Sharma up and throw him about 6 feet across the floor if he'd let me. He's just a little fella. I don't think he could walk my 4 dogs and not be dragged around like a rag doll.

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