Saturday, July 14, 2007

Charlie got to chase a squirrel in the back yard!

Charlie loves squirrels - that was always the best thing about going to Point Pleasant Park - the squirrrels, and that's one of the shittiest things about not being able to go to Point Pleasant Park since Daisy's come along - is the lack of squirrels in Charlie's life.
But with the recent installation of a bird feeder in the back yard - it seems as if we've got a squirrel who's coming to visit! And today Charlie saw him.
Even after he'd gone - Charlie got to bark at the tree for quite a while - I let him go at it, because he was having SUCH a good time.
It had been such a long time since he'd gotten to bark at a tree that contained a squirrel - he was in seventh heaven
And then after it was over, he felt like such a proper dog for a little while.
You could see it written very clearly across his face.

His glow lasted for quite awhile. The bird feeder is definitely worth it.

This afternoon circumstances dictated that we had to go to the beach - so off we went to Crystal Crescent - what a beautiful day it was
I spent quite awhile laying prone on a huge rock in the middle of no where, and the dogs ran around rolling on various pieces of seagull poop and waiting for me to dole out liver to them
This is Daisy waiting with baited breath for her piece of liver
And Charlie waiting for his
This is Charlie lying in the spot where we hung out for quite awhile - I had been laying next to him - he wasn't sure we were actually getting up to leave yet - and since he's not a dog who likes to make rash choices in his getting ups and laying downs - he stayed where he was until I told him that we were actually leaving.

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