Sunday, July 8, 2007

I Finally joined Facebook

My Dad sent me an article today about how Facebook has added a component called "Dogbook" - so I figured I should finally join up = which I did tonight. So now I've found another new way to completely waste time! haha!

So here's my handle on Facebook - and my handle on Dogbook - so if you need a friend - and don't we all? I need one too! haha!

I of course know very little about Facebook - so I don't know if you already have to be a member in order to view my page - hopefully I'll learn more as I go along....

If there's something I can click on so everyone can view the page - hopefully I'll find the button I can click on soon.

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that there's also groups on Facebook like there is on Dogster and Yahoo - and I found a couple for Halifax dog fanciers - the one's I found so far are HRM's Proposed Bylaw A300 and Canine City - a place to meet other dog owners in the HRM

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  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I am also a Crackbook addict Joan! I will add you to my friends list tonight!