Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another busy day - Maritime Fall Fair, fluffy Bubby, NSIHPE

Today the Maritime Fall Fair was all about horses, I missed the oxen this year - but I did see some cows, so that was good - this year I focused on the midway in my picture taking - which you can look at below - I'll just post all the photos at the end of this post if that's the kind of thing you like to look at.

I also got a couple good shots of Bubby and Buttercup -
Buttercup got to eat her first chicken foot today = which she seemed to enjoy - and
Bubby was looking very fluffy and beautiful, which I of course was not very good at capturing - maybe someday I'll get a good shot of him.

I also took a drive over to the last day of the Nova Scotia Integrative Health Pet Network and
absolutely cleaned up on their silent auction - I guess someone had to bid on the items, eh? I got a magic bullet, a handmade purse, and a candle like one that I already have that's handmade by a company up in Antigonish - I happen to like them - so I bid on it.

I noticed a couple things were missing though. In the thank-you section - the person who made the
magazine ads for the Dogs Naturally Magazine was not thanked - and I think she should have been - her name is Angela Duggan - and I think she did a fabulous job with the ad - it was in every issue of Dogs Naturally Magazine leading up to the expo - and I think you'll recognize the dogs in it.

I also was not thanked - evern though I was involved early on and designed the logo for the event, as you can tell by the presence of Buttercup in the logo as well. Am I sour? I guess you can say I am, but such is life - I only spent many, many hours working on the event - one could say I wasted many many many hours on the event.

But at least the event is over now - and everyone learned lots of lessons from the organizing of the event, that's for sure - I know I did. And I didn't even get a free t-shirt. People who volunteered on the day of the event only got a free t-shirt. Oh yeah, that's the sourness coming out again. I never said I was perfect. I like t-shirts. I'd probably never wear it though because it'd be advertising an event that I'm sour about.

I like to wear t-shirts that advertise things I'm passionate about - so it's probably better I didn't get one.

I like my magic bullet though. And I got a good price on it.

Here's my photos from the Fall Fair today -

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  1. Oh Joan, life can get so complicated sometimes.

    Glad you got the magic bullet and the candle and some great photos of the fair.

    Hang in there.