Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy Day - Meow Mixer and Fabulous new Groomer

This morning Buttercup and I went over to the Meow Mixer - a cat rescue fundraiser being put on by 2nd Chance Charity for Animals

that involved a whole bunch of local cat rescues raising money for their various charities - some involve were Pick of the Litter, Spay Day HRM, Spry Cats, the NS SPCA, Sonya's Cat Rescue, HART - among many others.

The room was completely packed at Farrell Hall when I showed up shortly after 10am and the parking lot was completely full.
There's was lots of great stuff for sale - and kittens were there available for adoption as well.

By all accounts it was a great event. It would seem that everything
Nancy Northcott touches turns to gold (as in cha ching) and I'm glad to be involved with her work. The local rescue world is lucky to have her, and local kittens are the luckiest of all.

Thanks to super photographer Pat Lee for letting me use her wonderful photographs!

This afternoon I discovered a fabulous new groomer - Barks & Bubbles on North Street here in Halifax. The lady is harder than hell to get hold of - her phone number isn't in the phone book, she doesn't have email - and she doesn't have a website - only a phone number - but it turns out it's worth it.
She did an awesome job on Bubby, it only took an hour and she only charged $45 - I was super impressed with how she handled Bubby - and I'll definitely be going back - so if you're looking for a new groomer in theh Halifax area - you should check her out - she's on the corner of North and Clifton street and her phone number is 880-2008. And I think Bubby actually liked her - which was also amazing!

Tomorrow will also be a busy day - I'm going to go check out the Fall Home Fair at Exhibition Park - I need to check out the cows and pigs - I love the cows - I'm sorry I missed the ox pul today, but such is life

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