Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

It's been a busy weekend - but Buttercup got a new bed this week, so she's taking it all in stride.
Yesterday my Dad and me went out to the Maritime Fall Fair to see the Ox Pull in the morning, and when I was walking around this sheep was just standing there ready to have his or her picture taken. It was very cute.

I love taking pictures of oxen - they are very photogenic - it's pretty much impossible not to take a pretty picture of them.

Today I went up to Truro to meet a couple friends who had relatives who own horses who were running at the Truro Raceway - it's the first time I've ever seen horse races and it was very exciting - there were a ton of people there too. This is just one section of people there - there was a whole floor below, plus people outside and a restaurant - we were in the restaurant area.
This is one of the horses that one that were owned by my friend's sister - when I went up to Antigonish last year I got to visit their farm - horses are really neat. I think it would be awesome to live on a horse farm - so different than living in a city.
I just liked this photo with the horse's mane flowing in the wind - I got to go right down on the track to take pictures because I was with the winning horse's "entourage"
Here's another horse that won today - ridden by my friend's sister who lives at the horse farm I visited last summer - I did make some bets today but on a $2 bet I would win about 90 cents - so there was not big money to be won unless you'd make really strange bets - but there was one bet that I missed by about 2 seconds because the bidding closed - and if I would have made it in time the person at my table would have won about $850 because of the odds - now THAT sucked!!
My friend's sister - Mary Claire MacDonald on her winning horse
Long shot of the horses
There was also a dog show at the Truro raceway - what a bonus, eh? When I saw this little pomeranian - I had to take a picture of it - the lady is his or her owner and breeder and handler - Her kennel is called "Chriscendo"
I have pretty much decided that after Buttercup has moved on I'm going to get a puppy - I can't even believe I'm contemplating a life after Buttercup - years ago I didn't even know how I was going to live without her, but now that she's 16 I'm starting to believe that she's going to live forever, so thinking about life after her is getting easier to think about - so I'm thinking that I'm going to get a toy poodle -
And I'm thinking that I might get one from this lady - I've seen her now at a couple of shows, and her dogs look beautiful and perfect - and I'd say that if I'm going to get a puppy from a good breeder - I'd better start preparing a couple years ahead so I can get my name on her list - because that's the proper way to go about things.
This little basenji from Miloki Basenji's had a good today today winning best puppy in show - so his Mom was very happy for him - it was pretty cold outside, and really cold inside too - so when I came upon him he was completely covered in blankets - show dogs are pretty coddled I'd say! But he popped his head out to make a short appearance for me, which I was truly grateful for! haha!
This is one of Shana Snow's and Carla Praught's papillon's - they are becoming, or may already be - very famous for their little dogs - they were just about to go on stage - so Moxie was being very focused and professional!
This was a little italian greyhound who was definitely feeling like it was January and he wished it was July.
And this was a little min pin that is owned by Cindy MacKeen that she was showing today

And lastly - my friends from Antigonish brought me this awesome present! It's a hand carved candle that's made by a family run business in Antigonish - and it's lit by a "a small oil reservoir to provide you with a gentle, warm light for hours at a time. By using an oil reservoir instead of burning actual wax your candle will last forever and not fill the air with all of the chemicals present in paraffin wax."

I think Buttercup looks absolutely beautiful memorialized in paraffin wax - and everyone should have one of these on their mantel pieces! But you don't need to have with Buttercup on it - you can get one with your own dog on it! They have a website at - where you can go have a look at some of the other candles they've made - and pick one out for yourself!


  1. What a pawsome weekend! I've always wanted to go to the Fall Fair!!
    And love dog shows - there is one here the end of the month! You are very smart to start researching breeders now.... but I now exactly who I'm getting my next wirehair dachshund from! (many, years from now - Xena still has a lot of life in her yet at 12 1/2!)

    Eh, sorry.....but I don't see a dachshund pic there, lol!
    Love the poofed up pom photo!

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  2. Charlotte - I'm sure there were - but I didn't actually see one dachshund at the show yesterday!

  3. WOW Joan - in my next life I want to be YOU ... you are always out and about and having so much fun ... did you at least pat a Clydesdale for me?

  4. haha Janet - you wouldn't really want to be me - today all I did was sit in front of a calculator and follow Daisy around because she's leaking pee everywhere - and I've never been to Italy or Israel like you have - you've lived a much more fabulous life than me.

  5. Hey Joan!
    Nice seeing you this weekend! I LOVE the pic of Moxie-can I steal it? Thanks for taking it! Hey maybe we can borrow/hire you to come take some pics of our furkids at the February halifax show out at exhibition park *Big Grin* LOL
    Oh-just to let you know, the basenji is a she-her name is Sonja!
    maribeso papillons

  6. Oh, and the lady with the poodles-Marion Usher of Tinkeelee kennels, has beautiful dogs with great temperments! She is also a very nice lady! You can't go wrong getting a pup from her in the future!

    I can identify a few subjects in the pics for ya that you don;t already have! The little IG is named Heddie, she belongs to Kabecca Italian grehounds (I cannot think of the ladys name!) and Cindy MacKeens little girl is a Toy manchester, not a min pin (very similar tho!) and her name is Pixie!

  7. Shana - you can for sure use the photo of Moxie - I meant to email it to you, but it slipped my very vacuous mind! And as for Sonja the basenji - I always have a 50% chance of getting the sex of the dog correctly - and I always, always get it wrong - you have no idea how many blog posts I've had to correct because I call boys girls - and girls, boys!