Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A couple weeks ago I talked about a pet high chair that I'd seen online - I had never seen such a fabulous invention before in my life and I knew immediately that I must have one.
It occurred to me that if there was such a thing as a pet high chair - there was probably a baby high chair that was pretty much exactly the same, only cheaper and better made - and I was right! So that's what I went out and got - and today it came in the mail - and here is the little baby - isn't it amazing?
Now Buttercup never has to eat on the dirty old floor ever again. She has her own chair at the supper table that's acceptable because it's not an actual chair AT the table - it's a little chair that attaches to the table - it's different and not the same - yet still at the table. It's perfect! haha! It's going to get a LOT of use!

What a great diversion for an otherwise very hum-drum life!


  1. Oh MY DOG - Buttercup is in her glory - however I do think you should modify the chair back so it looks like a hoity toity THRONE - for Queen Buttercup ...

    PS do you have any 'crack' dust left? Bena's Mom wants some

  2. No, no crack dust - I'm not making it anymore - my dogs' teeth are all only getting boiled liver now - at some point in the distant future they may get the dehydrated stuff again - but not for the foreseeable future at least.

  3. how very fitting for the Queen!!!