Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bud Wheatley - was hiding 17 more dogs

The puppy miller of PEI had 17 more dogs seized from his home this past weekend - it turns out that last year when he had 76 dogs seized from his property that they only had a warrant to search his barn - and like other animal hoarders before him - he had dogs stashed inside his house - 17 of them. His aunt and another caregiver were supposed to take care of them while he was in prison - but they flew the coop - and on the weekend they called the authorities to tell them the animals were at Bud's house and someone needed to go take care of them - and so they did - and this time they also picked up the dog that Bud was told he could keep.

Thank dog for that.

This really shows that Bud has no care for the law - he thought he was getting away with this - he knew he had a 10 year ban on owning animals - and he figured he'd be able to get away with keeping these dogs in his house - no one would notice them - he could do whatever he felt like doing. And by the looks of it - he probably could.

The news video from PEI is below for your enjoyment.

P.E.I. pet seller has more dogs seized

The owner of an online pet store who was recently sentenced to jail time for cruelty to animals has had 17 more dogs seized from his Covehead, P.E.I., property.

Bud Wheatley, who ran, was sentenced to five months in jail Oct. 5 for causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to animals.

Bud Wheatley has previously had 76 animals seized from his property. (CBC)
Seventy-six dogs and cats had already been seized from his property in Oct. 2009. Some were emaciated, two had to be euthanized and one died before it could be treated.

Wheatley, 62, had arranged for a caregiver to look after his elderly aunt in his home while he was in jail. It's not known how long the dogs were in the home.

The aunt and caregiver moved out of the house and left the dogs behind.

The Department of Agriculture recieved a call that said someone needed to care for the dogs. Officials went to the home with a veterinarian Saturday night and took them to the P.E.I. Humane Society, where they remain.

When Wheatley was sentenced by a provincial court in Charlottetown, he was ordered not to have any pets for 10 years. The one dog the court said he could keep, 13-year-old Sacha, was also taken in Saturday's seizure.

Wheatley has not been charged in connection with this seizure, though the situation is still under investigation.

During his sentencing Wheatley was ordered to pay a $200 fine and cover $68,000 in expenses incurred by the provincial Department of Agriculture.

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  1. Talking to the choir here - but in no way shape or form is a 5 month jail term anywhere punitive enough for this slimeball. He should have every book thrown at him and not to sound harsh - but sometimes I do wish they would bring back public floggings and hanging. And I would have no problem standing there and watching because I would see in front of my eyes the retched conditions of puppy mill dogs ....