Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New - Informative Local Website Started

There's a neat, new, local website that you'll need to bookmark - it's called "Show of Hands" - and it compiles the recorded votes of HRM’s elected officials on the major issues Halifax faces.

It is going to be a super resource for those of us interested in what the HRM Regional Councillors are doing, and how they are voting at Council.

I personally was severely ticked off in 2008 when Bylaw A300 was voted on the final time - and it was not a recorded vote - and we will never know who voted which way to pass that horribly abysmal Animal Control bylaw into the version that we are forced to live under today - we have no one to blame, which is very sad. We can't go to our own Councillor and say - "you voted (or didn't vote) for this - DO SOMETHING".

But now we have this wonderful resource at "Show of Hands" - someone is doing the work for us - that really should be done by Council themselves - but luckily we have a local keener - who will keeping track.

And I bet there's some people on Council who are shaking in their collective boots. Accountability is going to suck.

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