Sunday, October 31, 2010

OT: I'm so proud!

I don't talk too much about my real life - life outside the dogs - on this blog - I tend to make a separation between my family and my internet life - but I thought I'd make an exeption because my brother is doing something special down in the western end of Nova Scotia - and I am super proud of what he's doing.

His name is Bob Sinden and he's been involved with the Liberal Party for many years - and he is currently running for Town Council in the town of Shelburne - he is passionate about the area that he lives in - and he really wants to help bring economic development and tourism opportunities to Shelburne and area - and I may be a bit prejudiced - but I am very sure that he would do a super fantabulous job!

He has a website at - that explains a little bit about his platform - and I really hope that if you're a voter in the area - that you'll consider voting for him! I know if I lived down there, I'd vote for him - at least twice! Go Bobby go! yay!

Update November 14th, 2010 - the election was held this past weekend - and my brother won! So congratulations to my brother and I'm sure he's going to do a bang up job as a council member on Shelburne's town council!

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