Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Haligonian on the cusp of Making it Big - Jordan Croucher

Jordan Croucher is the son and grandson of a lifelong family friend of my parents - and he's a young guy who's been a singer for a few year's - and he's just about to become famous I think - watch the below video and I think you'll agree. He was a basketball star when he went to university locally as well - I think he's always excelled at everything he's done.

When I watched the below video I had to make a post about it because I was just so impressed with it - music is a huge part of my life - and Jordan has really started to find his voice - this isn't his first album - and he's always been a super positive rapper, signing about the positive side of life - which he still is - and he's now gotten super smooth and polished. All he needs now is nice dog as a side-kick, and he'l be a super-star! haha!

I've always thought it was super unfair - I am trapped in the body of a middle aged woman and I most identify with the music of the angry young black man - that isn't the demographic of Jordan either - but if I was an angry young black man and I wanted to woo a lady - I'd put some of Jordan's music in my cd player, that's for sure.


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