Friday, October 22, 2010

We're spending a lot of time at the vet!

Today was Buttercup's turn at the vet - she hasn't been wanting to eat the last little while, and I thought that was weird - and has been really only wanting to eat when I feed her with a fork, so I was poking around in her mouth - and sure enough, one of her bottom front teeth was super loose and ready to fall out - so out to the vet we went. She almost always goes with me whenever we go to the vet with the other dogs - and she shakes like crazy - even though we're not there for her - but today we WERE there for her, and she wasn't too happy about it!
The tooth came out super easy though, which was lucky - anaesthesia and a 16 year old dog really isn't possible unless its for something that's life threatening - it came out with a good tug and a piece of dental floss - so I was happy we went, and I'm sure Buttercup will be much happier in a couple of days.
These are a couple pictures of her once we got home tonight - she doesn't seem fizzed at all - I gave her a little bit of metacam and she barked her usual barks when we got out of the car
And she did all her usual rolling around when we came in the house - so I think she's going to be okay - poor Buttercup - mouth pain is the worst!
I haven't been blogging about Daisy's progression with her diabetes - but it's been progressing - she's been going in every Tuesday and Thursday for "glucose curves" - and her sugars have been super high - from 25 to 29 usually - and she's now up to 25 units twice a day of insulin
But she still doesn't have any ketones in her urine, which to me was the thing that signalled that Jackie was in the final stages of dying - so I'm happy about that at least. It makes me think that she still has quite a bit of time left.
I had my animal communicator friend come over last week and she said that Daisy feels good about what's going on and she's ready to go - and that there is more going on than just the diabetes, and we're going to do this on Daisy's time - which I am very happy with.
Daisy doesn't seem to mind going to the vet and staying for the day - unlike Jackie - who hated every minute of it - she is excited to have her harness put on in the morning - so I don't mind sending her off for the day, I think they must be giving her special attention at Westwood Hills - but Daisy IS very easy to love - she's very affectionate and is the kind of dog that's always poking her nose in your belly - and I hope she stays that way until the end
She doesn't seem like she's in too much discomfort - but she does seem to be starting to mind the needles at every meal - especially since they're taking longer to empty because they're so full of insulin - it takes longer for the poke to end - that bothers me a bit, but it's got to be done unfortunately - she also had a urinary tract infection that we had to make an extra trip to the vet for - so that was probably bothering her too - I had noticed brown spots on the floor last week - and it was blood in her urine - so most women would know the pain of that - so I'm glad that symptoms showed for it so that it could get treated and she's not being bothered by that anymore.

So far the vet bills in the last month have been about $1,400 - Carnegy doesn't know what he's missing - but I am very glad that I switched - I am quite certain I wouldn't be getting the level of care that I'm getting at Westwood Hills - at my previous vets. So my unhappy times happened at just the right moment.
Charlie is taking everything in stride. Things are changing, and and he continues to be my perfect once in a lifetime dog.


  1. SUPERHUGS TO YOU ALL ... Joan you are a super 'mom' - and it cannot be easy on many levels - emotionally - then to see your companions age and then lose parts of themselves (Buttercup) or to find the hidden conditions (Daisy) and also to have the financial 'burden' that all dog/ pet owners must assume when we say we are responsible pet owners ...
    healing thoughts to your family

  2. So sorry for the sad parts, but so glad your dogs are happy and you are all enjoying your time together. It's hard when they get sick, but its almost like they put on a brave face for us, and let us know they love us no matter how many pokes they get :)

  3. Oh no!
    At least they have a great mommy to take care of them :)
    We have an australian shepherd who comes into work who needs insulin. She has gotten so used to it and just takes it like a champ.