Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cody - the Therapeutic Paws Dog

Today has been an emotional day for me. I got an email today that Cody - a yellow lab who was the same age as Charlie - has died.

He was 12 1/2 years old, and he and his Dad Don LebLanc were super active in the dog community - tons of people will know Cody and will be grieving for him today. He was a beautiful, calm dog and was perfect for the jobs that Don gave him.

I first met Don and Cody when I started my Charlie loves Halifax site and Don emailed me about dog friendly places and walks that he and Don and his wife had found - starting way back in 2002 - so I have been watching Cody's life from the sidelines for almost 10 years.

He's had a wonderful life, blessed and he was able to help a lot of people, and especially children through the Therapeutic Paws of Canada program.

When I searched through my computer to find photos of Cody - everyone that I found was of a happy dog living a wonderful life - both Don and Cody were very lucky.

It has really affected me because Cody is so close to Charlie in so many ways - age, breed - when I got the email this afternoon I spent a lot of time afterwards on the floor with the dogs - time is so precious. The end could come at any time - and all of Charlie and Daisy's compatriots are leaving one by one.

I'm sure Don knows that Cody was a one in a million dog, and Don was a one in a million owner - and the fact that they had so long together was something not too many people have. A true treasure.


  1. Hi Joan,
    I can never thank you enough for your compassion and kindness for assembling this article. You are a very special person and I feel privileged to have you as a friend in such a large world of people. One of the many that Cody brought into my life.
    As I wander about my home looking at all the things that remind me of Cody, it's like having salt added to an open wound. I don't think the piece missing from my heart will ever heal. But if tears help the healing process then I will recover.
    I thank God for blessing me with such a special gift.
    Thank you again Joan
    Don Le Blanc

  2. Dear Don,

    Though I never met your beloved Cody - Joan's post tugged at my heart. The legacy of love that Cody bestowed to all he visited is due to your unselfish volunterism and Cody's ability to share a calm presence for those in need.

    "The world is hugged by the faithful arms {and paws} of volunteers. ~Terri Guillemets"

    Sorry for your loss.

  3. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Dear Don,
    Everything about Cody has tugged at my heart: his loving and calm nature, the beautiful wisdom that shows in his eyes, his softness and comfort. You have shared his gladness with so many, and he has been beloved over years of visiting and simply being there as a friend. What a gift he and you have provided for so many!

    May your memories of Cody bring you solace. Know that he's still giving joy and comfort in another dimension. Surely memories of Cody will live on in many hearts, thanks to your caring gift: sharing him with so many others.

    Love lives on forever. Many thanks for all that you and Cody together have done.

    Condolences from Jane