Saturday, May 21, 2011

Awesome! Pet friendly apartment buildings announced for HRM!!

What fabulous news for dog friendly Halifax - Halifax has always been dog friendly "on the ground" as I like to call it - getting out with your dog and having fun and doing things and finding other dog owners has always been great locally - but finding a dog friendly apartment has been abysmal.

In today's Chronicle Herald though there is a story called - "Dog friendly policy fetches tenants" - and that is super.

I was having supper with a friend tonight and she said something that is very true - a lot of dog owning tenants are better renters than tenants with children - but there's never any restrictions on them - so it is so great to see a rental agency that rents to dog owners all across Canada - Yay!!!

One more sign of Halifax's dog friendly renaissance coming one step closer!

Here is the website for Greenwin Rental Properties - in case you're currently looking for a dog friendly rental!  

Here's the article that was in today's paper

Dog-friendly policy fetches tenants
Property management company says it rarely has problems with pets
By BILL POWER Business Reporter

Dogs will be howling to get into this place.

A Toronto-based apartment building management company has Halifax hounds wagging their tails about a new dogs-allowed policy at one of the city’s larger downtown rental complexes.

"We were surprised when we came to Halifax last year to learn there were just about no apartments available in the city that permitted dogs," said Jessica Green, marketing director with Greenwin Properties Ltd., in an interview Friday.

Greenwin Properties believes dogs are good for business, she said.

Over the past few weeks, the company has welcomed dog owners to the Ocean Towers complex at 2334 Brunswick St.

"We’ve received a comfortable response to the promotional effort. We did not want and did not expect to be overwhelmed with applications from dog owners," said Green.

She said the company wanted to gradually introduce the canine population to the Ocean Towers property, which includes three towers overlooking Halifax Harbour, a series of townhouses and some heritage properties.

Greenwin took over management of the property about a year ago.

Dogs are welcomed at all properties managed by the company throughout Central and Eastern Canada.

"We started this, figuring it was a good way to get a leg up on other management groups in our various markets," said Green.

Dogs are taboo in tenancy circles. In Halifax and Dartmouth, dogs of any shape or size are banned from most large apartment buildings.

Green said her company has allowed dogs at all the properties it manages for years and has rarely had problems with unruly canines.

"By allowing dogs we appeal to a particular demographic. In our experience, dog owners make great tenants."

Pet owners are even invited to bring their pooch along when coming in for an interview, although it is not necessary.

Green said highrise, apartment-building living is not appropriate for really big dogs, or critters with serious behaviour problems, and added these and other issues relating to canine companions are discussed with potential tenants prior to occupancy.

"The property has not been overrun with dogs or anything like that. A few dog owners have been successfully added to the residential mix at the property," said Green.

A portion of a green space on the property is to be fenced and equipped with doggie-bag receptacles this summer.


  1. This is wonderful and long needed. When we moved from Ontario to Halifax we couldn't believe apartments did not allow dogs.

  2. I'll be renting my house come mid-august. It will be a dog friendly rental.
    Hope this attitude takes off. Just wish the policy was a bit different regarding dog size etc.


  3. Nice. Most people in Germany, where I grew up, live in apartments and hence so do their dogs. Socializing is a automatic thing - a daily routine cause the dogs have to be walked instead of just being let in the fenced yard, and because of that there are fewer problem behaviors. It is great to see that happening here.
    I don't agree that really large dogs are a bad match - it depends on the dog. I do agree that dogs that are stimuli sensitive to people/dogs and sounds might not be suitable.

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I imagine there is still a weight restriction like 30 lbs which doesn't make much sense to me.

  5. I think this city is a joke. Because Buildings allow people in there apartment to smoke and consent for people to smoke weed. But as for small dogs forget in Halifax you have to live in the getto to have pet friendly apartments. It is the people that cause problems not pets. Wake up people of Halifax. ''


  6. Well this is good info for me. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I have been looking for months for a dog friendly apartment, and have been so frustrated with lack of apartments availble, they are either shared accomidations, a $900.00 bachelor or way out in the middle of no where, or there is a weight restriction. I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure your 5 lb chihuaha can still be as much as a nuisance as any other sized dog... Sorry but If I wanted 5 lbs pet I would have gotten a CAT.

  8. Anonymous1:48 PM

    From what I've heard this apartment complex is still a dump, though.

  9. Anonymous11:45 AM

    There is a pet friendly apartment called the Grainery in the South End of Halifax, it has a 25lbs restriction but I mean thats a bit more of a variety than a 5 lbs limit. It is brand new too and has a grassy area to take your dogs out when nature calls. As my dog is a 75lbs german shepherd I was not permitted but you smaller dog lovers might be.

  10. Anonymous8:13 PM

    What's wrong Halifax we all have pets what are seniors to do with our dogs when we downsize? Its time to join 2014 and. Be like other provinces.

  11. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I can not find this company in Halifax that allows dogs , is there a phone # if so contact me please