Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Maybe there is something to this "Rapture" thing - today I heard that another good friend's dog has gone - Oscar - who is one of my friend Lisa's dogs - who also has Brosa and Delta - has gone - he'd been sick with a liver tumour - and today was his day to go.

There's not too many words that will suffice to make his passing feel any better, so I'm not going to say too much. You can tell by these photos that he was a pretty amazing dog - in looks and manner, that's for sure.

His Mom Lisa was super active on Facebook - so if you were her facebook friend - you're very lucky - and if not - she also has a blog that she posted to - which you can read here -  http://doglove555.blogspot.com/ http://doglove555.blogspot.com/ 

This was Lisa with Oscar back in 2008 - it's amazing how much a dog can change in seemingly so little of time.

Dogs don't live nearly long enough, especially when they come to you as rescues. But when they get really sick, letting them go is sometimes a gift. Oscar was a good dog who had a super owner. Every day that they had together was a gift as well.


  1. Oh ... *sad tears* Rest in beautiful peace sweet Oscar. I will light a candle for him.

  2. Thank you Joan. I am grateful that I had the extra time with him that I didn't expect to receive after such a devastating diagnosis. Much like I did with Duncan in 2007.

    I should make clear for those reading that the last photo that Joan showed is Oscar with a REALLY full winter coat that February. He was never that fat as it appears, really! :)