Thursday, August 19, 2010

It is HOT

The weather people are saying that this is the nicest summer that we've ever had on record - and I'd believe it. The weather has been beautiful.
It doesn't stop the dogs from going in and attempting to cool off though - Daisy really does pretty much hate the water, so she doesn't venture in too far, but Charlie always tries to at least go in to his shoulders - but even that is becoming impossible. I think I may walk them a bit farther and take them down to Long Lake - at least it won't be quite as muddy for them.
There is no way that I will let Buttercup anywhere near the mud holes though - she'd go in if I'd let her - but - man, can you imagine? Oh my, that would be a mess. It's one thing to let a big black dog go in - they get messy up to their elbows that dries off by the time they get home - but a little white dog? She'd go in up to her nose and it'd all stick to her. Gross.
A nice photo of all 3 perfect little dogs...


  1. ohhhh--that is a lovely little secret splorin spot!

  2. Yes, this has been an awesome spot for me and the dogs over the years - but there's orange tape up everywhere now - it's going to be developed as a huge housing project imminently - so we're going to lose it shortly - I think it's going to be called "Rockcliffe Village" - apartment buildings, houses, townhouses, the whole thing. It sucks.