Friday, July 30, 2010

Some pieces of perfection for a Friday night

Charlie has been sick this week. It is so scary when old dogs get sick. He was throwing up everything he ate for about 2 days. He's getting better now, but I was starting to get worried - dehydration and old dogs - just like old people - is very worriesome. And I was - worried. He even turned down a rice cake yesterday - and lab mixes do not turn down food. I'm glad he's starting to feel better now.

Usually Buttercup thrives when one of the dogs is sick -

But this time even she was taking it badly - I think she jumped down from the couch badly or something - because she hasn't been wanting to use her wonky leg - a couple years ago she had her back left knee replaced twice (because the first time it didn't work) - and the last couple of days she hasn't wanted to use that leg at all -

So to say that the household has been like an old-folks home is an understatement - it's lucky that everyone is still as photogenic as ever - or else it'd be no fun here at all!

This video has been making the rounds locally - it is absolutely beautiful, so I thought I'd post it here - it is so lovely - and was shot here in Halifax - you will love it - it is from the blog - "Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea"

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  1. Heck, Buttercup is some cute.
    Hope Charlie feels better. You are correct, it is always a scare when old dogs don't feel well.
    Last year, in August, the same happened with Davie. She couldn't keep anything down - projectile diarrhea and vomiting. She had to be on intravenous antibiotics and fluids for it to get better.