Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nova Scotia is featured on Fido Friendly Blog!

A couple months ago I noticed that Fido Friendly had started to follow me on Twitter - so I thanked them for it and said - @FIDOFriendly thanks for following me! You should do an article about Nova Scotia - it's really dog friendly AND shangri-la!!

And whoever is the person who does the social media for Fido Friendly (her name was Carol and she was really nice) tweeted back to direct message them, which I did - and that turned into a couple emails - and from those emails - they turned that into a guest blog - which they posted today on their blog! So it's posted today on the blog that's associated with the Fido Friendly Magazine, which is really neat - Fido Friendly is a magazine that is all about travelling with your dog, lifestyle, and dog friendliness - everything that Charlie loves Halifax is about - and everything I believe in - so I am super happy that they mention my website there.

And really happy that they have mentioned Nova Scotia there too! Yay!

This week as well - my blog is featured on a local website - - who's tagline says "it's all about Halifax" - and it's a great local website to get all your information about what to do when you're looking for things to do around Halifax - and it also has a huge section about local blogs as well - it has a really neat interface that links to Nova Scotia bloggers - and that's the section that I'm involved with - but for this week you'll see a picture of Buttercup in the top of the page at main page of the website - every week they feature a different blogger on the main page of Info Monkeyh - and this week it's been me!


  1. That is pawsome!! We can say we know a "celebrity"!
    Hmm, we thinks a reality show should be in the works!!!

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  2. That's super and I love that you are getting the positive notice that is your due!

  3. Terrific Joan !

    You do a tremendous amout of work on behalf of Halifax and Nova Scotia dogs.

    Congrats !