Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trouble with a hint of Saige

This has been the worst summer for dogs dying - it's getting scary. This week this beautiful little dog who's name was Trouble - how can you say it? Doesn't have to deal with her aches and pains and bad days anymore.
She was another dog who had made it to 16 years old - and was having good and bad days - and the bad days outnumbered the good - and finally - her final day came last week.
I was really happy that for a Christmas present last year Trouble's owner Coleen got as a present from our friend Janet - me to go to Coleen's house and take a bajillion photos of Coleen and Trouble together - which was really neat to do - Trouble was always so photogenic and beautiful - always the most perfect example of a west highland white terrier with the deepest pink ears. She was really beautiful.
Looking back through my blog posts to make this post - it's really eerie that a post I wrote in 2007 - has 5 dogs in it - Trouble, Oreo, Harry, Tess, Ursa and they're all dead - and that post was only written 3 years ago. I'm glad I didn't include a photo of Buttercup in that post.
Luckily Trouble was a Buddhist dog - so hopefully there will be a Sukavati for Trouble like we had for Oreo in 2008 (and hopefully we'll also have one for Jackie and Ursa too) at the 49 day mark after their deaths - they were all pretty good dogs - so I'd say they all deserve to come back as humans next time.

And speaking of very good dogs - I was really sad to hear that one of the dogs - Saige - from the hugely well read and followed blog " 'Sploring Wolfies" has died.

I met Saige a couple years ago at a GPAC Pet Expo - and had begun corresponding with her Mom Janice a lot earlier - giant breeds are so tragic in their lifespans - and in Janice's "final post" on her blog she lays out that she is more happy that she was able to give Saige her freedom from pain by letting her go and doesn't want anyone to feel bad for her because of Saige's death - but the thing is that the thousands of people who read the 'Sploring Wolfie's blog are in deep mourning too and at some point of the journey Saige and Guiness became not just Janice and her husband's dogs - they became everyone who reads that blog's dog.

The deep beauty and the lush landscape that Janice showed us everyday - like other blogs do as well - became part of our lives - and are just as real as any other part - and Saige's death will be mourned by us in our own way, even if we never did meet her. And even if Janice says that she isn't mourning her - I know that I am sad that I will not see any more of her amazing adventures.


  1. awwww.. condolences to Colleen. It is so like a Westie to be determined enough to make it to 16 years! You are right a perfect Westie!

    So sorry to hear about Saige! I read xploring Wolfies every so often not regularly. You are right - regular readers will be in mourning too... I love wolfies. Incredible characters - like good spirits roaming this earth.

  2. lovely post Joan - thanks for sharing and yes we need to have a joint prayer ceremony for our dogs - must admit I am partial to the pic showing Trouble with Oreo.
    Trouble was no trouble - she was the bestest West'est'. She will ever be missed.
    Wish I had met Saige - love those wolfies.
    and if these dogs come back as humans lets hope that they kick some common sense into the general public.