Friday, May 7, 2010

Perfection before the haircut

I'm going to cut Buttercup's hair this weekend, and she never looks quite so beautiful when her hair is short as when her hair is fluffy
So I got the camera out this afternoon and took a couple shots of her
She is usually willing to comply with having her photo taken
I think she likes having her photo taken
Although, without too much compunction - she'll do these antics for any reason what so ever
At 16 years old, and with her back legs not able to go on hour long hikes anymore - she still has the spirit of the 8 year old dog I adopted in 2003
All of these conflagorations are her trying to get ME to play if you can believe it
She's trying to cajole me into chasing her so that she can go get a toy to play tug of war
Once she does this -
Then the game is on - and she's in seventh heaven. She's the centre of the universe as far as she's concerned.
And that's when Daisy comes in and says - "Hey, is there fun going on here? I want in too! But I figure that's why we have TWO hands - one hand tugs on Buttercups toy - and one hand tugs on Daisy's toy - and all is right with the world....


  1. Buttercup rocks - she has some spirit - even if she thinks she is the cutest dog in the world and my dogs are debating that! ha ha wink
    Great pics - thanks for sharing her joy!

  2. I love Buttercup!
    Simba says "wooof!"

  3. i love Buttercup too! i can not believe she is 16! i am so glad she is having such a great life as a senior girl. but i have to say, Daisy peaking in there at the last minute was pretty cute too!