Monday, May 10, 2010

"Pets who Want to Kill Themselves" & Pet Advocates Forging Ahead

Well it would seem that animal rights activists in Nova Scotia have been busy making sure that Nova Scotians don't get their puppies from less than what they believe to be good sources online - I talked about "Valley View Canines" in a post back in April when a couple people had bought puppies from Gail Benoit and the puppies had run into trouble - "Valley View Canines" are actually breeders of puppies on a mass scale, what some people might call a "puppy mill" - existing right here in Nova Scotia - which a lot of people don't realize even exist here locally - and recently the owners of this facility had designed themselves a facny, slick website to show off their product.
Local animal activists have informed me - and this screen shot will show you - that they went to the internet service provider of this "breeder" - and had their website shut down! This certainly is one very good way to shut down the main source of income for puppy mills - because the internet is the prime way for puppy mills to make themselves appear legitimate and clean. Kudo's to the dog advocates who were able to get this done!!!!

In that same groove - the Gail Benoit peaceful protest is coming up this weekend - and they've announced the meet-up location for it - it's going to be this Saturday from 2-4pm and everyone will be meeting up at the intersection at the base of Citadel Hill - and I'm going to assume that this is the intersection of Cogswell, North Park Street, Rainnie Drive, Ahern and Trollope Street. You can find out more on their Facebook event page.

There is a SUPER FUNNY website called "Pets who want to kill themselves" - and it's pictures of dogs and cats who owners send in and this guy - Duncan, makes funny comments on - he's got a book published of previous photos - and today he published a photo of Buttercup - he must be almost as old as me, because his funny comment is a reference to the band "Spin Doctors" -
And they haven't been famous in a long time - but I'm still happy as shit that Buttercup got on there.

As well - the very next day - another Nova Scotian got onto the site as well! Some people may know Scott, if I say that Scott is big on Facebook in some circles - well this is his rehabbed feral kitty Casper - I think there's a ton of us who could actually submit photos onto this website, and maybe we should! haha!


  1. Good to see that Joe & Faye Brady are no longer able to advertise their puppy mill branded puppys online - other than Kijiji that is.

    I wonder if they are spending countless hours trying to figure out what is wrong with their website.

    The protest will be great! Can't wait!

    Thanks Joan

  2. wow--Buttercup is famous. our goal is to make it on pets who want to kill themselves. we think we are overqualified for the job

    saige and guinness