Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I love dandelions

I took this first picture of Charlie back in 2002 - I can't believe that was 8 years ago. Can you tell that he weighed almost 60 pounds more here than he does now? Isn't that amazing? How can a dog weigh that much more at some point in their life and you can't really tell. Charlie is amazing in so many ways. At this point in his life he weighed 120 pounds. And now he barely clocks in at 65 pounds. When he was 120 pounds he was pretty sick - it was just when I was discovering that he had an allergy to wheat - beware those of you who feed grocery store kibble. But that's another post. Today's post is about dandelions!
Today before I mowed my lawn I took some photos of the beautiful dandelions that had popped up in the last couple days.
This is a picture of Charlie after I mowed and there's some heather in the background - I think Charlie is just really happy that the lawn mower had turned off! haha!
This is what Buttercup thinks when I'm mowing the lawn - not much! She's pretty pissed off that I'm not up on the deck scratching her back. She's pretty used to having a slave right next to her 24 hours a day. She's got my Dad in the daytime and me in the evening, but right now my Dad's away - and I'm not catering to her very well because I'm doing stuff around the house - so she's continually trying to herd me into the bedroom and onto the bed - but I'm not going for it, and she's copping attitude like only a 16 year bichon/poodle mix can do.
Some of the photos in this post were taken with my I-phone - who needs a $3,000 camera when you've got an I-phone? That's what I'm starting to say, because that phone is taking some pretty fan-dabulous photos.
Here's a couple more photos of Charlie with the dandelions - it was such a nice day today, and there were a lot of dandelions. Way in the background you can see Jack's head at the top of the stairs peeking out at the top of the deck. He has decided that he will not go down the stairs by himself - I have to carry him down - so his lawn time is limited - but when he gets down he has a good time, and makes multiple poops - he's got poops to make up for when he gets down. He has unfortunately lost the last of his sight in the eye he has left, so he is pretty much completely blind now - he still gets around fine, but he's bumping into things now, which is hard to watch - it doesn't keep him from clearing the kitchen of all dogs at mealtime though!
Charlie doing some deep meditation.
Why do dogs dig deep holes? Daisy dug this hole underneath a table I had in the backyard and I didn't really notice how deep it was until I moved the table today to throw it out. You could bury a big cat or a small dog in this hole. Daisy is funny.
Here's a couple photos of what Daisy likes to do - she's not all that crazy about dandelions - she likes to roll. And roll. And roll.
And then roll some more. And then come inside the house and give a good shake so that all the dirt she's accumulated on her back comes off on the kitchen floor. She's a dog's dog!

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  1. the perfect post!

    did not realize Charlie was 120 pounds at one point--crap--he must be part wolfhound!