Sunday, January 10, 2010

Perfection in napping, and wrestling extraordinnaire

Last night after having so much fun at Point Pleasant Park - Buttercup was pretty tired, but even when she's tired, she's still beautiful.
This is her all snuggled up in her favourite chair when she's not on someone's lap looking absotutely perfect. There's nothing on earth like Buttercup - except for someone else's dog in their own eyes of course!
These here are some photos from Daisy and Charlie having a good wrestle after supper tonight.
After having such a dismal day yesterday taking photos - I changed some of the settings on my camera -
And I think they've made a difference -

Tonights pictures turned out fabulous -

Further proof that it's not the photographer - in my case anyway - it's the camera
And of course my fabulous subjects!
Daisy and Charlie are so easy to take awesome pictures of - when I have the settings set up correctly!
Enjoy the bared fangs and mock verocity!


  1. Sybil8:20 AM

    Fun shots Joan. I'm still struggling with the darn settings on my camera too. The only manual for my camera is on-line !


  2. any pics of Buttercup means a great day--she always looks like a stuffed toy she is so perfect. love the 2nd to last pic as well--can't tell but i think it is Charlie?