Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It wasn't too cold to carry a pink poodle in your mouth + Shelly Malcolm!

So today Shelly Malcolm - the dog physiotherapist, came over to give Charlie a visit - I had some advice from my animal communicator, Maggie Carruthers - that Charlie might be in a bit of pain on his left side - and she recommended that Charlie could use some acupuncture. You can tell from this photo what Charlie thought about the whole thing! haha! Charlie has SUCH an expressive face! And he does PISSED OFF very well! I am sure he was very thankful though when Shelly released a couple of his very sore muscles though.
This is Jackie coming in to say - don't screw with my brother! Jackie was only the 2nd or 3rd dog that has ever bit poor Shelly in the whole time she's been a dog physiotherapist - so he's a very special dog! In more ways than one. I have to say though - that I don't think he's even tried to bite me in months and months - so he has come a LONG way. He is such a good boy. He is a total lover now - and I never thought I'd say that - we're coming up to our 2 year anniversary in just a couple of weeks. Right here though - Charlie'd like to take a bite out of something himself I think!

Before Shelly came over we spent some time in the backyard - and today, Buttercup was on fire!

And her fire was centred around a bright pink poodle toy that she has - and she was just being the cutest little thing in the world.
It might be -20 degrees Celcius out with the windchill - but when Buttercup decides that she feels like playing - EVERYONE around her is going to play!
And that invariably inlcudes me - and I am always up for some playing - so that's what we did this afternoon - and every minute of it is a wonderful gift.
I'd say I'm just about the luckiest girl in the world to have this running around in front of me when I get home after a long day at work - even if it IS -20 degrees celcius outside! It's worth every moment! For as long as she's up for it - so am I.


  1. Stop Gail Benoit !11:05 PM

    So i'm curious if the pink poodle came from value village LOL

    Another great read, thanks Joan.

  2. Actually - the best place I've found to buy stuffed animals - at least in Halifax - is Frenchy's - they sell them by the bag for $1.50 - so you get at least 7-10 stuffed animals for $1.50! You can't beat that price! It's worth the drive just for that. Especially since every trip outside includes a toy in the mouth - and the mouth never brings that toy back inside - and by the time the human goes outside to fetch the toy - it's become frozen to the ground - so this time of year - we go through a LOT of toys!

    Also - everytime we leave the house - a toy MUST be in the mouth - and shoes are also considered toys. One time I brought in 22 shoes from my car at one time. That means - I have too many shoes - and I don't clean out my car very often! It also means I keep my shoes near the front door - which is where the "toys" are picked up as the excited little dog is leaving the house - to get in the car!

  3. hehehe this is a sweet post. that is funny that Jackie bit the therapist--glad your getting your life together now Jack boy! Buttercup was definately too much to believe. i honestly don't know how you can stand it--she is so beyond cute. i think it is those round black eyes..and nose...and cute smile

  4. hahaha--i just read that you went back to look at the "HO" Groucho picture with the Santa hat on--it is a classic for sure. i am glad you get such a kick out of it. sometimes i have to go back in your blog to get my Buttercup fix, but i think the best thing of all for me is the video of Jackie and the cheese. i don't know why, but it stikes me as so funny and i giggle everytime i watch it. BOL