Saturday, January 9, 2010

Charlie meets his littermate, Sarah!

So this morning me, Charlie and Buttercup went to Point Pleasant Park to meet up with some great dane owners who were going there for a great dane meetup - they were supposed to be meeting there for 10am - but at 10am there were no great danes to be seen, and Charlie and Buttercup were barking at everyone - as they LOVE to do when they first get to the park, and they had pissed off a couple of people - so I knew it was time to move on, so we did - sans any great danes. And guess what - we met up with one of Charlie's litter mates and her owner!
I first met Sarah last year when she was at the Dartmouth SPCA - I had noticed her on the Animal Control website so I went and visited her once she'd made it over to the SPCA, and was very happy when she got adopted.
I saw her again in the summer when I ran into her and her new owner at Point Pleasant Park - but today was the first time that she and Charlie actually met - so it was so neat that she and Charlie got to snift butts after 11 years - and for the first couple of seconds it was really intense - like as if they knew each other - I wonder if Charlie thought it was his other sister Leonard for a moment, because everyone in their litter of 11 looks a lot alike, but Sarah is definitely a carbon copy. When I got home and looked at the pictures I took I was heartbroken though - there was something on the lens of my camera - what a drag! We'll have to meet up - I'd like to have a family reunion of all the littermates that I know of - now THAT would be neat!
Later today me and Daisy went for a one on one walk since Charlie and Buttercup had gotten to go on such a fabulous outing this morning

She had a super time and didn't even seem to notice that the other dogs weren't with us. It's awful to say, but since she's the youngest dog - at nine years old - there may come a time when she's the only dog in the house - so this might become a normal thing.
My camera today was just not working - at the park this morning it had goobers on the lens, and then this afternoon it was photographing Daisy as one black blob in the middle of the photo - so all my pictures turned out really shitty - these are the best I could with photoshopping unfortunately.
And this is a long shot of Long Lake in the distance.

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  1. Sybil8:23 AM

    Love the shots of the family reunion. Boy they sure do look alike Joan. Glad you had a lovely walk. Sybil