Sunday, January 3, 2010

Old, OLD Photos of Charlie

My last night before going back to work after the holidays, I didn't feel like doing anything productive - so I thought I'd post some photos that I had previously scanned of photos of Charlie before I had a digital camera - actual photos taken with either my 35mm camera, or an instant camera - you remember those? Those cameras that spat out instamatic photos? Those were neat - I used to take a ton of those photos - I've always been about instant gratification. This photo here is of Charlie when he was a baby! He was only about 3 1/2 months old here - look at those huge paws! He was about 30 pounds at 3 months old - who knew he'd get to top out at 120 pounds!

This is a photo from my previous life when I had a husband and a big bed and a nice big apartment - this is me, with Charlie licking my face - and THREE CATS ON THE BED at the same time - and Charlie's sister Leonard as well.
This is Charlie when he was at the sickest point in his life - doesn't he look sad? He was SO sad. He was 120 pounds here - he currently (at 11 years old) only weighs 77 pounds now - but here he weighed 50 more pounds. Can you imagine? Dr. Carnegy said he was having a "lymphatic reaction to something" - he had developed cherry eye, he had sores everywhere - he was very unhappy. He was on steroids - but the vet didn't tell me he was on steroids - and I had always free fed the dogs (being a nascent dog owner at the time) - and one day I measured how much Charlie was eating - and he ate THIRTEEN CUPS of dog food in one day. That is how Charlie got to 120 pounds.
Here is Charlie again with his sister Leonard
This is Charlie as a puppy again with his sister (who was also his biological sister) Leonard
Here is another shot of the familial bed again - and this time - Charlie is actually LAYING UPON A CAT. At Charlie's advanced age now - he likes to bark at cats.
Another puppy picture of Leonard, our cat Cuddles, and Charlie
And we'll finish off the photos with me and my canine life companion - Charlie - I have also made tons of posts over the years with photos of Charlie - I made one post back in 2007 that I posted what were at the time - "my favourite photos over the years of Charlie" - which are still some of my favourite photos of Charlie - if you wanted to check out that post - they are pretty cute

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  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I'm on steroids too and don't know it. Yeah, that's my excuse LOL

    Great photos Joan. Love Charlie laying on the cat! That's too funny.