Saturday, January 2, 2010

Missing Dog in Spryfield - Marlo

Marlo is a golden retreiver who jumped over the backyard fence new years night from fear of all the fire works going off, he was located in spryfield close to the sprfield's vet. he's a friendly dog, about 7-8 months old, usually gets excited to see people. He's a tanish/cream colour, he was wearing a black collar with a rabies tag on it. about 80 pounds.
If you see Marlo you can email or call his owners at 404 7853

You could also contact Animal Control - the owners have contacted all the local shelters and the SPCA - so they have covered all the bases in regards to trying to find him and are hoping that someone has seen him, and are trying to get the word out about him. They also have a post on Kijiji that you can contact them through if you want to contact them that way.


  1. UPDATE: Marlo is still at large, but he's been spotted! He was spotted heading for the woods in near Greystone, near the first parking lot on the left.

    Here's hoping someone manages to wrangle this poor pup and get him home safe and sound soon.

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    did anyone find him yet? God, I hope so...poor little guy

  3. No - as of this afternoon - Friday afternoon on January 8th, 2010 - he's still missing - but they are organizing search parties for him and continuing to look for him. There's a facebook group set up for him if you want to help out - I can't access Facebook from where I'm at - at the moment - so if you can get to Facebook - search for "Marlo" and golden retriever - and you'll probably find the group - and go help out! There's been lots of sightings - he's just scared to death to approach anyone now.


  4. Dianne10:40 PM

    Marlo WAS found, i live in the area and he WAS found, Up by Kidston lake on Greystone hill, i guess he came up to a lady, she knew him from photos, and brought him to the vet on Herring Cove Rd..I was told he was cold a little bit banged up from so many cold nights out, but it was a tearfull happy reunion :)