Monday, January 4, 2010

Daisy is a rottie/pomeranian/collie?

I was emailed the dna results today for Daisy - she is

37%-74% rottweiller,
20%-36% pomeranian,

10%-20% collie, and 5% or less pug.

So she's pretty much all rottweiller - but she's also quite a bit pomeranian! At least a quarter - now that was one randy pomeranian!

I never figured that there would be any type of small breed in her, I always figured that she was a mix of rottweiller and lab - I also never figured that she was mostly rottweiller - I also figured that there was more lab than rottweiller, because when I got her - she was so small - only about 45 pounds - but I guess being left to startve to death will do that to you. She's now about 88 pounds - which is still really small for a rottweiller - but I guess she's just very delicate! haha!

She'll knock everything over in any room that she goes into - but she's very delicate - yes, that's what it is! She also had at least one shit inside the house every day for the first 2 1/2 years I had her - not because she had to, I always thought it was because she could. Thank dog she eventually got over that phase of her life. Especially since her favourite place to shit was the room my father eventually moved into - now THAT would have been hard for my Dad to deal with everyday - sorry Dad!

Maybe now that I know that Daisy is part pomeranian I'll start dressing her up like I do Buttercup - maybe that is something she's been missing from her life - and I've been denying her that - and she'll never feel complete until I start giving her that - fancy little dress numbers for her - for my rottie/pom mix.

We'll see what we can come up with!


  1. oh ! i love that you did this! what a shock to here about the pom part! i was gobsmacked!--lol! it is so neat to see the genetic results like that! i have been away from the computer for sometime--i hope you do it for buttercup--she will probably be part rottie--hahaha!

  2. Not surprised with the Rottie part, but I'da never guessed the Pom. When we had a foster pom for a year and a half, he tried to mount a Rottie once in the off leash park - sexually - he was not neutered. Never underestimate the determination of a Pomeranian.
    Too funny.

  3. Wow Joan that's so kewl. How did u get this done ? What did it cost ?

    Just imagine. If your dog was 5% pit bull it would be banned from Ontario !!!

    Cheers, Sybil

  4. Hi there Sybil - I got the dna test through a Canadian company called "DNA my Dog" - at - and it cost $59.99 plus tax - I just had to stick a q-tip thing in Daisy's mouth and put it in the mail from a thing that the company had sent to me and couple week's later the company sent me back the results - such as they are! haha!