Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dogs CAN get fleas from cats + some other stuff

Why does this dog look so beautiful? Because she had fleas!

Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know about dogs - I found a flea last night on Buttercup and instantly became MORTIFIED. I had previously found a couple fleas on the cat and didn't think too much about it - thinking that cat fleas and dog fleas were different - I had Advantage stuff for the cat - but hadn't put it on him yet - being the lollygagger that I am about some things, but then last night I was scratching Buttercup's back and she did this squeegee thing that dogs will do when they have REALLY itchy spots - you know - their butt goes to the left, the right, up and down - all at the same time - and I was like "does this dog have FLEAS?" So I went and fetched my flea comb and sure enough - a flea came out.

So I went and raked all the other dogs until they almost had bald patches on the top of their tails - and no fleas. So maybe it's because she shares some of the same places as the cat does - the kitchen table, the bathroom floor - but I went out today and bought Advantage stuff for EVERYONE - and for 4 dogs that's like $150 I think - and right now everyone has got a greasy back - except for Jack - who's going to the beauty parlour tomorrow - so he'll have a greasy back tomorrow night.

And the washing machine will be going non-stop for the next couple days. Yuck. Cats.

I'd imagine Whisky is feeling pretty smug right now. Except for the fact that he's got a greasy back too.

I took this picture tonight of Daisy - I just thought I'd stick it here because she's so cute - and because there's a carpet in the background that you can see - it says "Our dog is not a biter - he's a humper" - but you can't see the "he's a humper" bit, so that takes the funny part away. Oh well.

I found a couple of neat online articles in the past couple of days - the first one is about things to do with your dogs in the winter time called "Dogs get bored if they never leave home" - which pretty much sums up everything that I'm all about! It says to take your dog with you when you go out on errands, give him things that will stimulate him mentally when you're at home, and take him to doggy day care and with you when you visit friends and family. It's an awesome article - you can click on the link or make the photo larger to read it.

The 2nd article is called "Dogs have a bigger carbon footprint than SUV's?" - and I've heard about this theory before - and also the idea that small dogs are ecologically better than big dogs because they take up fewer resources - which is all bullshit - because dogs have so many intangible benefits to society - that to try and break down their meaning to a "carbon footprint" is to take us back to a time when we used to not see animals as sentient - and I definitely do NOT want to go back to that time. My animals are as important as the air I breathe and the food I eat, and are just as alive - and to pit them against SUV's is ridiculous.


  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    I'm not surprised that fleas will jump from dogs to cats (and vice-versa). I always assumed they would.

    But I am a little shocked that you found a flea this time of year! I always think we get a break during the winter months.

    Now, you be nice to Whiskey. It's your fault not his :-)


  2. We found a little dog dragging a leash in the middle of the road and picked her up and took her home until we could find her owners. She had fleas, so we tried to keep her separate from our fur babies but fleas were still in our house. We washed all the bedding once she was gone and vacuumed and sprinkled diatomaceous earth around. It seemed to work, you may want to try that. It's pet safe. We found it at Home Depot, and I think the health food stores may have it as well.

  3. I put the advantage on the dogs and cat all year except winter (when there are no fleas outside). At $95 a month for all of them, it ain't cheap! But better than finding a yucky flea!

  4. Marjorie10:33 AM

    Yes, all animals in the house have to have some kind of flea preventative, once that happens.

    Here's the thing. Being the city gal I am (kind of... ...maybe I'm more 'high maintenance' than 100% citified) I'd owned and trained countless dogs over my lifetime. With the exception of maybe the stable owner's dogs (when I was first experimenting with training dogs, but was already pretty experienced with horses), all my own dogs and the dogs I trained had all been in the city.

    I've lived in several cities. My last move was my 33rd. But this time, we decided to make our beach house our primary residence. We're out in the middle of nowhere, with a hayfield and various corn fields down the road, and two conservation areas, one on either end of our street.

    Shortly after officially moving in, I discovered my dog had fleas.

    This was a first. ...A first in decades of owning and working with dogs.

    I, too, had this sense of shame...as though I'd done something wrong. I was horrified, too. I'm a bit of a clean fanatic, and the idea there might be fleas in my rugs or on my furniture was disgusting.

    I ran right out (literally!) and bought some of that awful grocery store stuff, just to get the ball rolling that night. (I only used it on the dog because I'd heard too many horror stories about that stuff and cats. It had all been academic, though, until that moment.)

    Then I called my friend, who is also our veterinarian. She got us on Revolution, and we never again had a flea problem. But that was after she chuckled, "Welcome to country living!"

  5. I am glad I am not alone. Fleas are difficult for me to deal with. My dogs never had fleas until we moved here and - duh me - had no idea why they were scratching themselves. I am still on the quest to find what works best.
    Revolution??? Vs. Advantage???
    Tried diatomaceous earth, but Davie vomited just from breathing it in.

  6. Been there.

    Don't that.

    My condolences. (smile)


  7. But Sybil - your cats are HAIRLESS!