Sunday, August 23, 2009

Went to a garden party

Today I was invited to a garden party/bbq at a friend's house and took photos of all the dogs there, which is what I usually do -
so I thought I'd put a couple of them here so that we could all enjoy how beautiful they all are - the first photo is of some pretty famous dogs - Will and Davie - who are owned by the best dog trainer in Nova Scotia, Silvia Jay - who was hosting the party, and this photo has Gracie and Seven - owned by Amy and Adina - who are also fan-tabulous dog trainers - and Gracie is also a star agility and flyball dog
This is Silvia doing her trick of being able to mesmerize large numbers of dogs all at once - it is a very good party trick if I do say so myself.
This is a puppy brought to the party by Amy and Adina - a sister to their dog Mila
This is Mila - who is going to be a big flyball and agility star when she's finished with being a puppy
This is another shot of Davie - who is very photogenic
This of course is Buttercup who wasn't impressed with the fact that I had a plate of food on my lap for a couple minutes in a row and so was not able to have her on my lap at the same time. Hopefully she enjoyed herself for a couple fleeting moments anyway though.
This is Seven - owned by Amy and Adina - he is a deaf border collie who is a super gentle, playful, perfect dog.
And this is George - also owned by Amy and Adina - do you see a certain trend emerging here? They are also who I got Bobby from - so I am thankful for them for being such good people for opening their home to dogs in need and being the epitomy of the phrase "there's always room for one more". Because do you know what? There always is.

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