Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dog from Prospect Road Biting Incident is Dead

One of the bite victims from Saturday's bicycle dog bite incident on the Prospect Road was interviewed today on news 95.7 and she said that the dog has been "euthanized".

So does that mean a judge has already authorized it? Or does that mean a dog can be euthanized immediately if the owners sign the dog over to Animal Control?

Personally, I find this really troubling - does this mean the owners are not going to potentially be charged with anything now? Can they now go out and just get another dog and not contain the dog properly so that this situation can happen again? In the story on the news they had a prominent sign on the front of their house that said "Beware of dog" - so they might have had this dog for a reason. Are they going to get another dog that people should "beware of?"

Was the dog really dangerous? Maybe we'll never know now. Maybe he just had a problem with bicycles. Maybe he was chained up and got loose - but was poorly socialized - maybe it was the owners and not the dog - we know that is the problem A LOT of the time - if not always.

But we'll never know - because the dog is now dead - it really seems like Animal Control LOVES to kill dogs - and we - the citizens of the Halifax Regional Municipality - and the rest of the world - have been given no other indication other than that feeling and belief - because of their actions, or lack there of - in the last couple of years - or should I say - since the Municipality has taken over Animal Control functions for the area.

And that is sad, sad, sad. Talk about very very poor public relations. If there were an award for the poorest public relations department in all of Canada - I think Halifax would win that hands down.


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    i find it interesting that the lady who was "attacked" didn't feel the dog was dangerous, just owned by irresponsbile owners...odd

  2. Anonymous9:47 PM

    time to leash, muzzle and deem dangerous animal control.

  3. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Like you said, who knows what the real story is? Maybe the owners were dirt bags, maybe they weren't. They could have been intimidated by AC and/or the police into thinking that signing over the dog was the only way they weren't going to get into huge trouble. I've heard of this technique pulled on more than a few people. Of course this is all just speculation in this case, but it seems there is a rush to a quick "killing".

  4. If only officials were as concerned about public safety when it comes to human offenders.