Thursday, May 28, 2009

Someone's been to the beauty parlour!

Today Bobby went to the beauty parlour and he came out looking very beautiful I think.
And I think he think's he's looking quite beautiful too.
He is looking like a proper toy poodle now.

Buttercup doesn't get to go in until June 16th, so I think she's feeling a bit jealous.
Bobby was being quite the bon-vivant in the backyard this afternoon.
Even Daisy's head was being turned by the spectacle.
Jack was at the beauty parlour yesterday - so he's looking very spectacular his own self - 2 dogs at the beauty parlour = about $140 = 2 nice looking dogs = empty pockets, but it's all worth it
But Daisy showed them all up in the end - she gets to roll around in the dirty and comes out looking the same as when she started - you have to love the double coated breeds!


  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Haha! Bobby looks like a little lamb in the third picture. Love it.


  2. Bob looks mighty fine in his pink collar. I'll have to send you Forrest's pink bed if I can ever get him out of it!