Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lloyd Hines and the Provincial Election in June 2009 – and what Responsible Dog owners need to know about him

Zeus Cameron – who’s Mom & Dad won his fight against Lloyd Hines to live out his life in Guysborough

I heard that Lloyd Hines is taking part in a debate Monday night, so I put together a little sheet that I'm hoping is going to make it down to his corner of the province so that some of his constituents will learn a couple things about what he thinks about dogs. This is what I said on it - and I also put a photo of Zeus Cameron on the sheet - reminding people about that dog - that was a pit bull, who very peacefully got to die in his own home - no thanks to him.

Lloyd Hines and the Provincial Election in June 2009 –
and what Responsible Dog owners need to know about him

In 1995 Lloyd Hines lobbied for and passed breed specific legislation in the district of the municipality of Guysborough – banning pit bulls, with no grandfather clause built in.

Because the media paid virtually no attention to this issue, most residents of Guysborough were unaware of the new law in 1995 . Apparently without public support or, to the contrary, outrage, the municipality amended the by-law in 2004 to ban Rottweilers (the amendment contained a grandfather section to exempt Rottweilers already living in the Municipality). The ban on Rottweilers was passed after the New Brunswick attack that led to the death of the four year old child. Warden Lloyd Hines was active in pushing for these bills, and he threatened to push a breed specific ban through the Union of Municipalities – which he almost successfully did in 2008 – but because people in other areas of Nova Scotia know what happens when breed bans become law – Lloyd Hines failed in his bid to pass breed restrictions throughout the whole province.

Lloyd Hines is currently running as a Liberal Candidate in the provincial election in the riding of Guysborough Sheet Harbour in the June 2009 Election.

When Lloyd Hines was Warden of the District of the Municipality of Guysborough he made it a priority in his mandate to first ban pit bull dogs, and then add rottweillers to that ban.

When Lloyd Hines was first Vice President, and then President of the Union of the Nova Scotia Municipalities he made it a priority of his mandate to have breed restrictions passed throughout the whole province of Nova Scotia.

If he is elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia – what do you think one of his major priorities will be when he gets there?

This is a quote that Lloyd Hines said in 2004 when he was attempting to have rottweillers banned in his municipality –

"I don't want to be the warden of the Municipality of Guysborough and have to go to the funeral of some kid who was eaten."

When Guysborough dog owners go to the polls in June – hopefully they will go to the voting booths with the knowledge that they are voting not just for themselves – they are voting for every dog owner in Nova Scotia.


  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Perhaps people should also see these 2 items so Lloyd Hines can`t snow them with his "facts" about dogs if he`s asked any questions.

    OVMA Testimony prior to Ontario Ban

    CHIRPP Report and Canadian Fatalities

    Pit Bull Placebo is now available on line

  2. And there's also the great "Panic Policy Making" document - where Lloyd Hines is talked about personally - which is at - where they figure that the only reason he has been doing all his breed banning foolishness is because of his own personal fear of large dogs.



  3. It isn't just Guysborough dog owners becuase .... as you showed in the ARPO survey, the Liberals have no intention of either rescinding existing breed bans or stopping any future ones that other municipalities might take into their heads to implement : (((( I like my liberal candidate but cannot possibly support the liberals after their responses to the ARPO survey

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Here`s something interesting.
    Although it`s for the U.S. it should show Canadians that Breed Bans(which are ineffective) come at great cost to Taxpayers.

    So no matter how you feel about certain Breeds or dogs in general,is this how you want your money spent?

  5. Janet Chernin12:32 PM

    Here is the response to the ARPO survey from the GREEN PARTY:
    Green Party Response to ARPO Questionnaire

    Will your party strengthen the anti–cruelty laws of Nova Scotia by working with the Judicial Department to increase fines and sentences for those persons that are found guilty of animal cruelty and/or neglect?

    The Green Party supports the anti-cruelty laws currently in place, but believes they are insufficiently enforced. The Green Party will work with the department of Justice to ensure that those found guilty of cruelty and/or neglect to animals are properly punished and that fines and sentences reflect the seriousness of these cruelties .

    Will your party work with the NS SPCA to build legislation that protects the quality of life of all companion animals in Nova Scotia - including those that are used for breeding and livestock purposes?

    Yes, The Green Party supports The Earth Charter which states in clause 15. “Treat all living beings with respect and consideration” and 15.a. “Prevent cruelty to animals kept in human societies and protect them from suffering." The Green Party believes it is necessary for government to develop a cooperative role with a broad range of non-governmental organizations and would work with the SPCA and other interested NGOs in order to ensure the quality of life of all animals kept in human society, including those for breeding and livestock purposes.

    Will your party push to have all municipalites enacting humane animal laws and require that BSL be rescinded in those municipalites that have enacted such legislation? ((breed specific legislation enacts punitive laws based on breed of dog rather then the actions of negligent owner’s regardless of breed or mix)

    The Green Party is opposed to breed specific legislation and will work with municipalities to better define humane animal laws, including laws holding owners and breeders liable for any negligence on their part in cases of animal violence.

    Will your party increase funding to the NS SPCA to facilitate the hiring and training of more cruelty investigators to adequately address the need? (currently other provinces are increasing funding ex. N.B. & Que.)

    The Green Party depends upon broad consultation with all interested NGOs, and a Green government would explore all avenues toward improving the enforcement of anti-cruelty laws, including the hring and training of investigators.

    Will your party support a province wide TNR (trap-neuter-release) program for feral cats?

    The Green Party recognizes the benefits of this program and would negotiate with municipalities about such a province wide program.

    Ryan Watson
    Leader, Green Party of Nova Scotia
    twitter: RyanLukeWatson

  6. Hines is currently in last place. YAY!