Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Duelling Cuteness

So tonight I had both Bobby and Buttercup being unbearably cute at the same time
I didn't know where to put the camera, because Buttercup was being cute on the couch and Bobby was being cute on the floor.
Buttercup was doing her schtick where she rolls around with a toy and sticks her arms up in the air and wrestles with me and just goes crazy and acts like a puppy instead of a 13 year old dog

And Bobby was on the floor throwing his toys around, play growling and looking at me, being just so cute

I don't think it's possible to decide who is cuter than who.

Jack spent the time at my side trying to keep either one of them from coming too close

And Charlie is never too fussy about all the hub-bub of dogs being cute - he could take it or leave it

A close up of Jackie keeping his good eye on the cuteness action

2 last shots of Bobby with his favourite at the moment teddy bear

Buttercup telling me that she should be the victor on this night

And Bobby telling me that since he's the new one - it should be him! I think it's going to have to be a tie....


  1. oh dear God, Buttercup AND Bob snappies. these are my favorite kinds of posts. glad he is settling in to his new home so well! it is quite the crew you have there--hehehe!!!

  2. Sounds like you need a referee.
    I really do like Buttercup - but I'm going for Bobby - just a fraction, really.

    A friend of mine has three teacups - two gray and one black. She swears her smallest gray is the cutest, but I always liked the black one best.
    He was also the smartest.

    Bobby, in the future, might be competing with Buttercup of cuteness and with Daisy for brainpower.